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With Riverdale approaching its season 6 finale, which will set up what is sure to be an exciting 7th and last season, fans are curious about where the characters will end up. The entire series has been an intense ride, starting with the tragic death of Jason Blossom, delving in the secrets of the Serpents, and a creepy cult called The Farm.

While fans watch for the incredibly juicy storylines, they also love the main characters at the heart of the wild story. Redditors are sharing the Riverdale residents who they appreciate the most.

10 Archie Andrews

While Archie has done awful things on Riverdale, he's still a fan favorite character thanks to his kindness, heart, and the compassion that he shows the other characters. When Archie worries about something, he stops at nothing until he solves the problem,

Redditor Lanky_Tax9271 wrote, "I just like how he tries to save everyone, honor his father." Archie goes through a lot on the show, from being part of a dramatic love triangle with Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge in season 1 to losing Fred in season 4.

9 Toni Topaz

Redditor Whovian-456 mentioned that they love Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz, "pretty much the only characters I'm really interested in at this point." The fan continued that they were unhappy with the direction the characters were both going in and wanted to see something else.

Cheryl and Toni's relationship is moving and dramatic, becoming even more complicated when Cheryl becomes a member of the Serpents. Many fans wanted to see more of this relationship and to learn more about Toni.

8 Veronica Lodge

Redditor starryeyedagony likes Veronica, writing that she has "real character development and she’s precious and fierce." Veronica gets a range of plotlines on the teen drama, from worrying about her father Hiram's crimes to falling in love with Archie. When the show opens, Veronica is the new student in town, but she quickly becomes a big part of things, making new friends and getting caught up in the many mysteries that this place has to offer.

The main characters on Riverdale all look into the mysteries that keep happening in their small town, but Veronica has a bold personality that makes her stand out. Veronica uses her intelligence to learn about the Riverdale Reaper in season 2.

7 FP Jones

Jughead Jones has a complex relationship with his father FP, who is the leader of the Southside Serpents and hasn't often done the right thing. Ultimately, Jughead does know that his dad loves him, but Jughead definitely has a tougher high school experience than most because of these family issues.

Redditor superegoCG appreciates FP as a character, writing that, "Despite his past, he still tries to redeem himself and do better. Being a better man and father." Some characters on the series are both good and evil, sometimes even in the same scene, as fans can see beyond their actions and know that they have a heart.

6 Jughead Jones

Redditor AccomplishedTree-475 said "Jughead" is their favorite character, and Jughead has struggled a lot on Riverdale in every single season. While he's always in control of whatever situation he finds himself in, even Jughead is shocked by the horrors that he often discovers.

From shipping Jughead and Betty to becoming a student at the fancy and intimidating Stonewall Prep, Jughead shows his intelligent, caring heart, and cynical nature in each episode. Jughead would do anything for the people who he cares about and since he's the narrator, he's an important part of the series.

5 Dr. Curdle Jr.

Redditor thisonekidmongo loves Dr. Curdle Jr, the coroner. The fan wrote, "He knows exactly what Riverdale is, and thrives in his own weird little corner of it" and the fan loves that he runs his family business.

The character is a significant part of the show since the other characters need regular toxicology reports from him. He's very sweet, compassionate, and loyal, and a refreshing minor character who

4 Betty Cooper

Betty can be mean on Riverdale, and she's a fascinating, complicated character who has interesting relationships with the other characters.

Redditor Lamalova wrote, "Her plot lines have always been somewhat convincing and entertaining (even if they’re still silly)." It's a lot of fun watching Betty as she looks just like the famous comic book character with her high ponytail and while she mains the positive attitude from the source material, her Riverdale character is given meatier, heavier and more significant topics to deal with.

3 Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller is close friends with Betty and Veronica and a beloved character. One Redditor loves Kevin, writing that he's a "genuine sweetheart and has some amazing zingers and one-liners." Kevin is a more realistic character than many others.

Kevin has a serious relationship with Fangs Fogarty and while the two don't stay together, they care a lot about each other and have a significant impact on each other's development.

2 Cheryl Blossom

Redditor AGirlHasNoName said that Cheryl is their favorite because they "love her attitude, and she's the funniest." Cheryl's best Riverdale quotes show her to be a hilarious yet sometimes harsh and always bold character.

Cheryl may be a mean girl type of character, but she does show kindness and compassion while she mourns the loss of her twin brother Jason. Cheryl does grow, although in season 6, she still wants to be in charge of everyone and everything, proving that she will never really get over her need for control and adoration.

1 Alice Smith

Redditor ArdentAura posted that Betty's mom Alice Smith is their favorite character, writing, "I don’t think she’s a good person, but I find her character’s journey to be very interesting."

Alice isn't the best parent to her two daughters as she's strict and rigid, upset that Polly is pregnant in season 1 and unsupportive of Betty's high school choices. As the fan noted, Alice is still an great character with riveting plotlines as the show begins to focus on Alice's life outside of her family and she becomes part of The Farm.

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