Why Rob Zombie's Munsters Reboot Is In Color, Not Black & White

There's a reason why Rob Zombie's reboot of The Munsters will be in color, differentiating itself from its black-and-white 1960s sitcom counterpart. The Munsters began production in 2021 and is expected to be released in theaters and on Peacock around the fall of 2022. The cast will include Rob Zombie regulars like Jeff Daniel Phillips as lead Herman Munster, Zombie's wife Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster, and Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa Munster. Other cast members will include Sylvester McCoy, Catherine Schell, Richard Brake, Jorge Garcia, and Cassandra Peterson of Elvira fame playing real estate agent Barbara Carr. Most of the teaser trailer for The Munsters reboot is in the original black-and-white of the '60s Munsters before revealing that it's "now in living color," showing what the characters in color look like with a shot of Herman, Lily, and Grandpa waiting on a couch.

The Munsters sitcom of the '60s took a kooky gothic comedy approach that the 2022 reboot seems to retain, based on its teaser. In March 2022, it was also confirmed that The Munsters reboot will also be Rob Zombie's first PG-rated movie, which will make the movie more family-friendly and accessible for its simultaneous theater-streaming release. Besides the fact that it's based on the iconic horror sitcom, nothing else has been revealed about The Munsters' plot.

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The fact that it's in color, however, certainly modernizes the reboot. While it's arguable that colorizing The Munsters reboot is a mistake, for it takes away some of its nostalgic charms as promised by the reboot's black-and-white teaser photos, Rob Zombie actually brought forth his reasoning in a recent interview (via EW). According to Zombie, a black-and-white Munsters movie wouldn't have moved forward with production. He doesn't express an explicit reason why, but it can be assumed that movie executives find the general black-and-white aesthetic to be too risky for general audiences. Even though black-and-white movies are seeing a slight resurgence, as seen in the likes of Kenneth Branagh's Belfast and the Coen Brothers' The Tragedy of Macbeth, the aesthetic seems to still be reserved for more artistic, prestigious films. It's unfortunate, as Rob Zombie had a perfectly appropriate reason to make The Munsters black and white. Check out the teaser trailer below to see The Munsters in color:

Similar to what happened when The Munsters' competitor The Addams Family also received a colorized reboot in the 1990s, the Rob Zombie Munsters movie could draw in a new generation of viewers by not being in black and white. With that said, Zombie further explains in the same interview that the movie's lighting will give the colors a "hyper-real" quality, for he noticed that the characters' makeup made them look like "cartoon characters come to life." Therefore, while The Munsters won't be in black and white, Zombie is still using color to exemplify the playfully spooky campiness of the original sitcom.

Rob Zombie's movies are marked by a unique, hyper-horror aesthetic appeal, and The Munsters will be no different. Given the rumors of The Munsters' long runtime, especially for a PG movie, the Zombie reboot would need something besides nostalgia to keep viewers invested. Creating an interesting color palette that complements the wacky horror universe of The Munsters is certainly a wise approach for Zombie to take. Given that Zombie is a horror veteran with an appreciation for the source material, The Munsters 2022 reboot holds much promise.

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