Why Rain From Alaskan Bush People Is Upset About 'Satan' T-Shirt

The youngest from Alaskan Bush People, Rain Brown, is lashing out at a clothing line that seemed to celebrate the devil instead of condemning it. Rain and the entire Wolf Pack have always been outspoken about their belief in God. Now, as the show is on hiatus, Rain isn't holding back her thoughts on religion.

Rain learned to shoot, hunt, and fish all before becoming a teenager after being raised in the wilds of Alaska. For this reason, when Rain finally started to grow into herself, viewers were a bit surprised that she started to embrace her feminine side. This past season showed that Rain, who is now blonde, could have it all, including wearing makeup while staying true to her upbringing. Billy and Ami Brown always brought their children up with religion at the forefront, and their beliefs have rubbed off onto the whole Brown family. Rain has always been one of the most outspoken when it comes to her belief in God and isn't shying away from the topic.

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The 19-year-old took to her Instagram to share her deep love of God. Rain posted a photo t-shirt that read, "Don't Forget Satan Loves You." The sentiment upset the Alaskan Bush People star as she told her followers that she was "fine with anything anyone wants in their life. Everything but this." Rain, who is back on TikTok, went on to share a lengthy note about how the world was suffering from violence and unrest and did not need any negative messages. Supporters of Rain learned that she has a strong belief in Christianity and couldn't wrap her head around how others could believe in something perceived as evil. The youngest of the Wolf Pack also gave a brief biblical history of Hell.

Rain brought up the Bible and how she has heard many argue that God was the one who punishes his followers and sends everyone to Hell. Rain's thought process was Satan is the king of the underworld, and he would be the one to control those admitted to Hell, stating, "Hell was created for satan, it is satan that drags you to hell, not God." Rain, who called the ABP finale emotional, urged her followers to be aware of what was going on "inside and around" them.

Many Alaskan Bush People followers felt that Rain was a bit out of line with her post. Some former fans decided to unfollow her and even replied that there were bigger issues going on in the world other than fretting about t-shirt slogans. While Rain may have felt that what she was writing would have come across as Godly, it just came across as preachy. It is safe to assume that Rain will not be wearing any similar t-shirts.

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