Which Goodfellas Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

Fans of gangster movies were recently excited to see Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino reunite at the Tribeca Film Festival, where they discussed their iconic projects, The Godfather: Part II and Heat. The two movies are undoubtedly some of the best in the genre but another one that never misses in the conversation is Goodfellas

Many things make the Martin Scorsese flick unforgettable including the hilarious narration, the violence, and the characters. Among the most notable ones is the mafia associate Jimmy Conway (De Niro). Even though most of the characters are members of the Cosa Nostra, fans can relate to them, especially when their personalities are examined using Zodiac signs.

12 Aries - Henry Hill

Those who fall under the Aries zodiac tend to lead with boldness, passion, and competitiveness. They have a number of imperfections too, which include the inclination to be impulsive and doubtful. Such traits are connected to the protagonist, Henry Hill.

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A young Henry shows so much passion for mob culture that the higher-ups are forced to absorb him into their dealings, even though they traditionally accept Italian Americans only. He works very hard too, making him a prominent mobster despite not being a Made Man. Regrettably, his impulsiveness causes him to venture into forbidden trades such as narcotics trafficking. Worse still, he becomes an FBI informant.

11 Taurus - Frankie Carbone

Tauruses are dependable, practical, and dedicated. Conversely, they are naive, stubborn, and overly indulgent in things such as money, drink, and food. And that's exactly how Frankie is.

When he is hired to participate in the Lufthansa heist, Frankie carries out his duties without a glitch. His weaknesses become evident in the post-heist days when he buys expensive items, including a fur coat, yet Jimmy asked him not to in order to avoid getting on the FBI's radar. This causes him to fall out of favor with the mob.

10 Gemini - Karen Hill

Geminis are loyal, adaptable, and social on their best days. But like Henry's wife Karen Hill, they can be inconsistent and indecisive.

Karen doesn't run away after she learns that Henry is in the mafia. She remains loyal, gladly helping him to hide guns and even flush drugs down the drain. She is quick to adapt to the mob culture too, socializing with the rest of the mob wives and never talking business with anyone outside the family. But as her marriage gets worse, she is never quite able to decide whether she wants to leave or not.

9 Cancer - Mr. Hill

Just as is the case with Henry's dad, most Cancers possess a sense of diligence, intuition, and tenacity. As for bad attributes, they can be grumpy and vindictive.

Though he doesn't always manage to make ends meet, Henry's dad is portrayed as someone who works as hard as he can to protect his family. His inability to make enough money makes him constantly angry. Consequently, he is ever harsh towards his children.

8 Leo - Mrs. DeVito

The benign nature of Leos makes it easy for others to like them. Thanks to their good-heartedness, they tend to be excellent friends, romantic partners, siblings, or parents, just like Mrs. DeVito. But they can be self-centered too.

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Despite the fact that her son Tommy is a violent criminal, Mrs, DeVito happens to have a lot of love for him. She makes sure to remind him to settle down and is also willing to give him anything he wants without question.

7 Virgo - Spider

Virgos are known for overworking, something that benefits them and those around them but also denies them a social life. In the movie, Spider is the ideal Virgo.

Spider's main task is to serve the mobsters drinks during their card games. He does his job extremely well but he is unlucky since Tommy makes a habit of bullying him. And when he eventually stands up for himself, he ends up getting killed in one of the most iconic Goodfellas scenes.

6 Libra - Jimmy "The Gent" Conway

Libras have a reputation for being charming, diplomatic, and curious. And thanks to their social nature, they are wonderful team players too, no wonder Jimmy is able to easily organize the Lufthansa heist. Contrarily, Libras can be intolerant and emotional individuals.

Jimmy's charm enables him to relate well with all his fellow mobsters. The manner in which he pulls off the $5.8 million Lufthansa heist is very commendable too. Interestingly, even though he has always been very close to Henry, he doesn't consider sparing him when he learns he is going overboard with his drug dealing. He, therefore, makes plans to have him whacked.

5 Scorpio - Billy Batts

Scorpios are known for their proactiveness and honesty. But they aren't without some undesirable traits. Apart from getting offended by minor issues, they can be a bit too blunt. Gambino crime family member Billy Batts has such traits.

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Batts is quick to interact with others and engage in conversations. After being paroled and realizing just how much Tommy has risen, Batts is quick to make fun of him, reminding him of the days he used to be a shoe shiner. Though it's true, he mocks Tommy again and again, making him lose his cool and attack him.

4 Saggitarius - Tommy DeVito

No other zodiac has more talkative and energetic people than Saggitarius. Members are never afraid to air out their strong opinions either. Lamentably, they can be arrogant, short-tempered, and overly confident. Among the mobsters, Tommy best fits the description.

As the chattiest character, Tommy DeVito's best quotes in Goodfellas are mostly the best overall too. He is often seen telling plenty of captivating tales during mob hangouts. Sadly, his temper ends up being his downfall. He first ruins his standing by shooting Spider over a trivial issue and then makes himself a target by impulsively killing Billy Batts. As a result, he gets whacked too.

3 Capricorn - Paulie Cicero

Capricorns thrive when they are in charge and as such, they tend to make good bosses or heads of organizations and groups. Conversely, they come off as too condescending from time to time, just lie the Lucchese crime family Caporegime, Paulie.

Paulie is one of the most likable Goodfellas characters because he demonstrates great leadership skills throughout the movie. When Henry abandons his wife and starts staying with his mistress, it's Paulie that orders him to go back home. Additionally, he does well by cutting off Henry after realizing he is dealing drugs. However, he is shown to be too harsh at times, especially during a scene where he becomes infuriated when too many towels are used to cover a shooting victim's wounds.

2 Aquarius - Janice Rossi

Aquarians are fearless and idealistic. Contrarily, they are unrelenting, stubborn, and pessimistic. And Henry's mistress Janice is the definitive Aquarius.

Janice is aware that Henry is married yet she sees no problem with seeing him. She doesn't seem to change her mind even after Karen confronts her with a gun. In fact, she demonstrates her fearlessness and stubbornness even further by allowing him to move in with her.

1 Pisces - Sonny Bunz

Pisces are artistic and sympathetic. Regrettably, they are the most tragic out of all zodiacs because they normally make decisions that result in them being unlucky. And no one embodies Pisces traits better than Bamboo Lounge owner Sonny Bunz.

Sonny allows Tommy to accumulate so much debt that it reaches the high point of $7000. Asking for it only gets him assaulted. And he does even worse by going to Paulie for protection. As expected, he fails to keep up with the payments so the mob torches his restaurant in order to collect insurance money.

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