Welcome To Plathville: What Happened To Plath Family's Youngest Son

On Welcome to Plathville, the Plath family members have had a lot of heartbreaking moments, but nothing compares to the loss of the youngest Plath son, Joshua Plath. He tragically passed away years before the show aired. In the past, Kim and Barry Plath angered fans with their behavior towards their children. However, seeing how awful that day made them feel helped viewers to feel compassion for the parents. The reality stars are very open about their emotions, and before baby Joshua's passing, they all shared sweet memories of their times with him.

Welcome to Plathville follows Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia and Mercy Plath, although Hosanna left after the first episode of the series. Each sibling has a unique personality and passion: Ethan loves to fix up cars, Micah is a model, Moriah is known as the rebel, Lydia is the obedient one, and Isaac has a passion for flying airplanes. The family has been divided for years, as Ethan, Micah, and Moriah all moved out after rebelling against their parents in one way or another, and the younger kids were barred from seeing them.

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During Welcome to Plathville season 1, Kim shared the shocking news that years earlier, their youngest son Joshua had passed away after a tragic accident on their farm. He was just 17-months-old at the time. Kim created a now-archived website for her family, to advertise the controversial Plath Family Band, and she paid tribute to Joshua on it. She explained that her son passed away in 2008, when she was working out on the farm with her kids.

Kim was in her Suburban, moving fruit trees across the driveway to another part of the farm, and she had checked around to make sure that none of her kids were in the way. By the time she got back into the driver's seat, little Joshua had apparently gotten in front of the vehicle, where she could not see him, and she pulled forward. After the accident, Kim wrote on the Plath Family Band website that she was experiencing "Hell on earth," and was barely able to function.

While many Welcome to Plathville fans have called out Kim Plath for manipulating her children, her memories of the day Joshua passed away were heart-wrenching. She said that she felt guilty for nearly a year after that. Kim also complimented Barry for supporting her throughout the most difficult time of her life, saying, "my respect for this man soars when I think of how strong he was when I needed him most." Ethan, Micah, Moriah and Lydia all say that they remember Joshua, and the family shared memories of him on the reality show.

In Welcome to Plathville season 2, despite the fact that Micah and Moriah were kicked out of their family home by Kim for being bad influences on the younger children, they all came out to celebrate Joshua's life. The family put flowers on his grave, and Kim said on Welcome to Plathville that if there was any moment she could change in her life, it would be that one. Joshua is still an integral part of Welcome to Plathville, as the Plath family put aside their differences to memorialize him.

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