Vince McMahon Isn't Stepping Down From All WWE Roles

McMahon has maintained control of WWE despite it being a publically traded company and is still responsible for creative decisions on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown. He will reportedly still maintain that aspect of his job despite stepping down from his role as CEO and chairman.

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The initial report by the Wall Street Journal wrote that the "longtime chief executive Vince McMahon agreed to pay to a departing employee with whom he allegedly had an affair, according to documents and people familiar with the board inquiry." The report, which was written by Joe Palazzolo and Ted Mann, continued, stating that the "January 2022 separation agreement bars the now-former employee, who was hired as a paralegal in 2019, from discussing her relationship with Mr. McMahon or disparaging him, the people said." McMahon is said to have stepped down voluntarily but will maintain creative control of the company, according to

The fact that McMahon will retain creative control has largely been glossed over by the media at large. For a front-facing entertainment company like WWE, creative control has a tremendous impact on the product, and Vince maintaining that aspect of his job is extremely noteworthy. While Stephanie will step into the role of interim CEO, Vince will still be booking the shows. This implies that he'll still very much be involved in WWE backstage. He'll be working closely with talent, possibly on a daily basis, and what fans see on television will still be his brainchild.

This is noteworthy, to say the least. On paper, the move makes it look like Vince McMahon won't be a part of the daily operations of WWE, but that simply will not be the case. And it's difficult to believe that his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, won't be keeping him in the loop as she takes over the CEO and chairwoman roles while the investigation occurs. This will remain a fluid situation for quite some time, and it will be interesting to see how talent feels about interacting with McMahon while he is the subject of the WWE board's investigation into several alleged affairs and subsequent hush payments.

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