Vampire Survivors: Where to Unlock the Grim Grimoire

The Grim Grimoire is a Relic in Vampire Survivors that permanently unlocks the Grimoire in the pause menu. The Grimoire is a screen where players can view all the Evolutions and Unions they've discovered on their save file. Furthermore, the information includes which weapons, combinations, and passive items were used to obtain each entry. In other words, the Grimoire Relic in Vampire Survivors functions as an in-game wiki, giving players easy access to how far they've progressed item-wise and what they can do to reproduce the same outcomes.

To unlock the Grimoire in Vampire Survivors, players must find the Grim Grimoire Relic in the Inlaid Library, the Second Stage in the game. Players can access this Stage once they have reached Level 20 in the Mad Forest. After entering the Inlaid Library, open the map and look for a purple tome with a red bookmark. After spotting it, track its location down by following the green arrow on the player's screen. Alternatively, players can just head to the far west of the starting area to eventually find the purple book lying on the ground.

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For clarification, the Grim Grimoire Relic should be lying in front of a small bookshelf opposite another bookshelf in the Stage in Vampire Survivors. Between them sits a round table with two stools and a framed map directly behind the wall. The purple tome will have a translucent white bubble around it with sparkles rising up from its covers. After picking up the Grim Grimoire in Vampire Survivors, its icon will no longer appear on the map.

Finding the Grim Grimoire in Vampire Survivors will cause a new button to appear at the bottom right of the pause menu called "Open Grimoire." Clicking on this button will reveal all the player's discovered Evolutions and Unions, highlighting the ones that the player currently is equipped with in yellow.

Keep in mind that the Grimoire only shows weapons in Vampire Survivors that have previously been obtained. However, it does not include any weapons that have yet to be discovered. Therefore, players cannot use the Grimoire as a means to see what items they have to find. On the other hand, it does reveal if a combination of weapons or passive items results in an Evolution. This information includes Evolutions that have yet to be learned. Nonetheless, the Grimoire is an excellent and convenient tool for old and new players to easily view information about weapons, items, and Evolutions.

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Vampire Survivors is available on PC via Steam.

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