Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong - How to Unlock Emem’s Traits

Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong allows players to acquire traits for Emem based on choices made while working their way through her storyline. VtM: Swansong adapts the rules from the 5th edition of the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop game, giving fans another opportunity to inhabit and interact with the World of Darkness and all of its supernatural inhabitants. VtM: Swansong gives players control of three different vampires in intertwining stories. These stories play out in Telltale-style gameplay focused on exploration and choices while combining it with elements from the tabletop game to give players a fresh experience.

Taking place in modern-day Boston, Swansong puts players in the role of three protagonists. These vampires are charged with investigating an attack on a vampire party. While running the course of these stories characters will acquire passive buffs or penalties called "Traits." Traits often appear as the result of specific choices, and each scene has more than one per character.

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However, because these traits are choice-dependant players may not be able to earn every trait on a single playthrough. Some traits will be acquired as the story progresses. Some will be more elusive and require a bit more work on the player's part to solve puzzles. Here are the traits for Emem in  Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong and how to unlock them.

  •  Put Her In Her Place: Players automatically earn this trait at the beginning of the scene. Failing the opening dialogue check with April (which is inevitable) will unlock Put Her In Her Place giving Emem -10 to the next experience cost for the Mental Attribute.
  • A Sin Confessed: To get this trait players must make specific choices throughout the scene in order to get the required chain of events. Starting off, after finding Journey they must tell her to run away from the Prince (an empathetic decision that is right in line with Emem's Toreador heritage in Vampire: The Masquerade), win the confrontation that follows, and then when questioned by the Prince at the end of the scene players must admit the truth. For their hard work and honesty, they will receive A Sin Confessed. This trait will give Emem a +10% success rate in a Rhetoric tie.
  • Friend or Enemy: In scene four Emem is imprisoned and must escape from the memory prison while also trying to recover all of her lost memories, in the process of doing this she meets a prisoner at the top of the prison tower. Freeing that prisoner will unlock Friend or Enemy adding a +10% success rate in Psychology ties while also penalizing her with a -10% success rate in Rhetoric ties.
  • Diplomat: After escaping from the memory prison Emem is confronted by the clan that took her prisoner. Negotiations between clans in Vampire: The Masquerade is integral to the lore, and as such the game puts emphasis on this conversation and its reward. Diplomat offers players -20 to the next experience cost for the Social Attribute.
  • Tremere Concoction: The first of two temporary traits Emem can receive in scene four. This one can be obtained by drinking the Tremere Potion found in the study and will add +1 to the Celerity Discipline until the end of the scene.
  • Amnesia: Amnesia is the other of the two temporary traits Emem will acquire in scene four. Amnesia will reduce Knowledge ratings to 0 while active. Players will have to find and witness at least three of the memories, illuminating more of Emem's motivations throughout VtM: Swansong, to get rid of this trait.
  • Allies In Short Supply:  If the player did not recover all seven of Emem's memories in scene four they can also choose to speak with Journey in her office, provided they did not tell her to run previously, only to realize they don't know who she is anymore.  Allies In Short Supply will give the player -10 to the next experience cost for the Social Attribute.
  • Get It Off Your Chest:  In scene five the player can choose to have a conversation with Emem's sire, Hilda, before leaving to recruit some help to ward off the Camarilla's true enemies in VtM: Swansong, humans. When this conversation happens the player will unlock the Get It Off Your Chest Trait which in turn will -20 to the next experience cost for the Social Attribute.

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Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong is available for Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC

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