The Rise Of Skywalker's Sith Assassin Once Fought Mace Windu

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker revealed a Sith assassin named Ochi of Bestoon was responsible for the murder of Rey's parents—and it seems he once clashed with Mace Windu. Rey learned the truth about her parents in The Rise of Skywalker; far from being worthless junkies, they were actually targeted by the Sith. Her father was a clone of Palpatine himself, who escaped the Sith redoubt of Exegol but became targeted when Palpatine sensed he had sired a Force-sensitive daughter.

The Sith assassin who murdered Rey's parents was named Ochi of Bestoon, and he has gradually been fleshed out as a character in various Star Wars tie-ins. These have revealed Ochi of Bestoon worked for Palpatine for decades, even targeting Darth Vader himself on the Emperor's orders. There have been hints the illustrious career of Ochi of Bestoon even stretches as far back as the Clone Wars, where he killed fringe Jedi on behalf of the Sith.

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Adam Christopher's novel Shadow of the Sith reveals Ochi of Bestoon was indeed working for Palpatine before the Clone Wars had even begun. The book is set just before the sequel trilogy era, but it features a flashback to a mission in which Ochi of Bestoon was sent to the planet Malathon IX. It seems he was sent there to kill Depa Billaba, then the Padawan of Mace Windu, who was working with a group of clone troopers on a mission. Mace sensed Ochi's presence, however, and set a trap. That particular mission almost went badly wrong for Ochi of Bestoon, who came close to being cut down by Mace Windu's distinctive purple lightsaber.

Ochi's race is clearly long-lived. Depa had become a Jedi Master, sitting on the Jedi Council itself, by the time of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. It's possible the Sith used hunters like Ochi to pick off Jedi from the shadows; recent tie-ins have suggested the Sith regularly probed the Jedi Temple through the Force, seeking to identify Younglings and Padawans who could be manipulated into leaving the Order through induced nightmares and Force visions—not entirely dissimilar to how Anakin Skywalker's downward spiral towards the dark side began. Ochi of Bestoon and his fellow assassins could have been used to pick these nascent Jedi off - and they'd surely have become even busier during the Clone Wars, at a time when many Jedi chose to desert the Order.

It seems Ochi of Bestoon underestimated Mace Windu when he targeted Depa Billaba, likely because he didn't know about Windu's shatterpoint power. This would have allowed Mace to sense something was wrong in the forests of Malathon IX, and he probed the Force until he figured out what was going on. Ochi was lucky he lived long enough to target Rey's parents—and, had he not done so, no doubt Palpatine would have just sent a different assassin, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker would have played out just the same.

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