The Punisher Makes A Classic Wonder Woman Foe His Perfect Villain

Warning: contains spoilers for Punisher #3!

Marvel's new Punisher saga is finally giving him a villain worth fighting - and it's an enemy that just so happens to be one of Wonder Woman's classic foes. Frank Castle, unlike nearly every other Marvel superhero, has a very small (if non-existent) list of villains and enemies due to the fact that the Punisher kills nearly every villain he encounters. But Punisher #3 grants Castle an enemy he cannot kill nor even hurt - and that makes them true rivals.

Punisher's new storyline brings massive changes to the character, beginning with the removal of his iconic skull logo on his chest; it has since been replaced with a horned skull that represents his allegiance to the Hand. In return for his service, Frank Castle now has a legion of highly-trained ninjas who will obey his every command. Even his wife has been miraculously restored to life, though the marks on his skin suggests bullet wounds, which in turn suggest and unnatural resurrection (insofar as any resurrection could be considered 'natural' in the Marvel Universe).

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In Punisher #3, written by Jason Aaron with art by Jesús Saiz & Paul Azaceta, Castle faces off against his new enemies the Apostles, war-mongering zealots who worship the weapons they sell, the buyers who use them, and even war itself. They're led by none other than Ares, the God of War himself. Ares is not only a villain in the Marvel Universe, but in the DC Universe as well, often fighting Wonder Woman - and the aims of both villains in both universes are similar: to spread chaos and war across the Earth.

Ares thrives on conflict, specifically violent conflict - and who better to spread said violence and death than the Punisher himself? This is why Ares is perfectly suited to be a Punisher villain: Frank Castle uses violence and murder to end injustice, but Ares thrives on said violence. The relationship also plays into the Marvel trope of pitting a street-level hero against a powerful, supernatural force; Castle cannot hope to take on Ares in a simple fistfight, and must rely on defeating his own inner darkness first.

Wonder Woman has the strength and knowledge of the supernatural in order to defeat Ares - but the Punisher does not, making the God of War a suitable foe. Ares is also a God and cannot physically die, meaning Frank cannot easily dispatch him like so many other villains who he battles. For all these reasons and more, Ares is the perfect villain for the Punisher: a deity who cannot be killed and cannot be deterred from his mission.

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