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As is the case with many other procedural crime shows, the producers of ABC's The Rookie have been quick to set up a spinoff. The foundation for the offshoot titled, The Rookie: Feds, was laid out in a two-episode arc in the ongoing fourth season. And there are no doubts whether it will happen since several cast members have been announced.

However. things arent always straightforward when it comes to backdoor pilots. Many have failed to be picked up, with one of the most recent examples being "Painkiller" in Black Lightning. Others were not only picked up but resulted in equally great shows. So, which ones did fans love more? IMDb has the answers.

10 "You Really Got A Hold On Me" (Grey's Anatomy) - 7.4

The backdoor pilot for Station 19 sees two firefighters bring in two boys who were caught up in a fire. One of them clashes with the staff when he insists on watching the boys get treated because he used to be a surgeon.

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At the time of the events, Ben, one of the firefighters, is already a regular on the parent show, introducing the spinoff's intended main character through him is a perfect idea. And though Ben doesn't get to be the face of the spinoff, his participation in it encourages fans of the medical drama to check it out.

9 "The Finder "(Bones) -7.4

In the Season 6 episode, the remains of a maritime museum security guard, who was attempting to steal an 18th-century nautical artifact, are discovered at the Florida Everglades. Iraqi war veteran, Major Walter Sherman, who can see patterns where others don't, is hired to solve the murder.

Though The Finder is one of the spinoffs that were canceled after only one season, its backdoor pilot is an entertaining one. Not only does the war veteran's skills come off as distinctive in a show that had already shocked viewers many times, but he also intrigues through his many other peculiarities.

8 "The Girls School" (Diff'rent Strokes) - 7.7

Edna Garrett gets a job offer as a housemother in a girls boarding school. After much consideration, she decides to take it, leading to the spinoff, The Facts Of Life.

Plucking one of the most likable characters and giving them their own show is always a good idea. While most spinoffs try to veer off too much into different directions, the backdoor pilot indirectly gives fans the promise that things won't the too different. That's because it still makes youngsters a big part of the plot, only that this time it's girls, not boys.

7 "Good-Bye" (Suits) - 7.8

Lawyer Harvey Specter travels to Chicago to help another lawyer (a former law firm partner) prevent a mayor and real estate developer from evicting low-income tenants. The episode lays the foundation for the new drama, Pearson.

It's one of the rare occasions where the series finale also serves as a backdoor pilot. Given that ratings were still decent and Jessica had become a popular character, it made sense for her a new show to be made. And to make sure no fans tune out, most themes and plot structures are maintained.

6 "Maude" (All In The Family) - 8.0

Maude Findlay is introduced as a woman who visits a suburban family. She is shown to have politically liberal viewers, something which makes some characters uncomfortable.

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The original sitcom already tackles serious issues such as racism, homosexuality, abortion, the Vietnam War, menopause, and impotence but the introduction of Maude helps magnify these themes even further. Things could have still turned out okay if Maude had morphed from a supporting character to one of the main characters but giving her a new show turns out to be an even better decision because viewers get to see a different family.

5 "Ice Queen" and "Meltdown" (JAG) - 8.2

The NCIS team is brought in to investigate a homicide involving an influential lieutenant. A commander is then singled out as the prime suspect.

Two-part backdoor pilots are quite rare too but "Ice Queen" and "Meltdown" not only work because of the weight of the investigation but also because of how intriguing the NCIS team is. There's clearly potential for similar investigations and luckily, CBS chooses to explore this territory. Today, NCIS counts as one of the spinoffs that lasted longer than the original show.

4 "My Favorite Orkan" (Happy Days) - 8.5

A visitor introduces himself as an alien from the planet Ork. Several characters then try to find out if he is telling the truth. Events lead to the spinoff, Mork & Mindy.

The sitcom definitely jumps the shark by treading into sci-fi territory and introducing a character that's an extraterrestrial. But it isn't such a shocking turn since the sci-fi genre had become quite popular in the '70s and '80s. The arc also works because Robin Williams gives the performance of a lifetime as Mork.

3 "The Originals" (Vampire Diaries) - 8.6

In the Season 4 episode, a vampire goes to New Orleans in search of clues about his family history. A few new characters are introduced, who go on to be a part of The Originals

The major reason the episode comes off as a rejuvenating one to fans is that it explores an entirely new city. It also has darker themes than the parent show, making it obvious that older audiences are being targeted. Most importantly. it steers clear of the numerous love triangles that became a huge part of the original.

2 "The Tale Of Two Wolves" (The Originals) - 9.1

A vampire travels to the mysterious Mystic Falls so that he can get help for his ailing friend. The Season 5 episode ties into the next spinoff, Legacies.

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Multiple things make the episode a golden one, including the fact that it structures itself around a popular 21st-century urban legend from which the name is borrowed. There is plenty of incredible pop culture reference too, including one where one of the characters is compared to Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. Most importantly. all the background information needed for the new spinoff is stated.

1 "Three Ghosts" (Arrow) - 9.2

After briefly working with Oliver Queen, Barry Allen heads back home to Central City, He then gets struck by lightning and acquires special abilities, officially becoming the hero known as The Flash.

The backdoor pilot is an engrossing one because it finally gifts fans with the moment fans had been waiting for. After his earlier appearances in the series, fans knew it was only a matter of time before Barry turned into The Flash. And when that happens, he finally becomes able to stand on his feet and becomes equal to Oliver Queen.

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