Stranger Things: 10 Reddit Theories About The Season 4, Volume 2 Trailers

Stranger Things has been a hit for Netflix, with this season gaining record-breaking numbers for Netflix. For the first time with the show, Netflix split up the season, somewhat trying out the weekly release schedule. This move allowed the first Volume of the season to be watched, ruminated on, and rewatched in the time fans wait for Volume 2.

This waiting period has also given fans time to make predictions on the final two behemoth-sized episodes. Clocking in at nearly 4 hours, the episodes are bound to be full of high-octane action and emotional turmoil. The trailers for volume 2 pack a lot of action into the short teases, and fans across Reddit are predicting everything - from major character deaths, twists, and season 5's Big Bad being set up.

When Max was under Vecna's trance, she somehow found his "lair." Dustin ventured that she could have actually entered Vecna's mind, going further into the Upside Down Creel House than anyone had before. Max can be seen floating once again in the teasers, leading this viewer to make this prediction.

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As u/Antr0p0l0g0 says "she knows that Vecna was surprised/uncomfortable by her presence in the red dimension, Dustin even says that she must have entered Vecna's own mind... so, what if, in order to defeat him, she infiltrates his mind again? This time with a proper plan and her song as a "failsafe." Max might be the only one that can find Vecna's home base, and it could be how they defeat him.

Given that the creators and cast have been warning that no one is safe this season, many viewers are predicting who might not make it out this time. Even though there are arguments to be made about Will's importance to the story (given his connection with the Mind Flayer), fans believe it's been set up for him to succumb to the dangers of the Upside Down.

As user K_M00 states, "they have been teasing him up until now from the previous seasons. The Mind Flayer, the painting, etc. He has to give Mike the painting eventually and "confession". I think he will do it during his death or they will find the painting after his death." Their theory would pack an emotional punch, and set the tone for season 5.

Eleven has been undergoing intensive memory therapy at the underground NINA lab. In the teasers, it looks as if Mike, Jonathan, Argyle, and Will finally make it to NINA to try to rescue Eleven. But the military is headed there as well.

The teaser show a desert explosion, and u/virgin_abloh69 predicts they will be "getting a big battle and a nice show of El's powers right when part 2 starts." If the intensive memory therapy does end up working, there's a possibility that Eleven may end up remembering some other abilities that have not been seen yet. It would be pretty epic to see a glimpse of them in the big battle if it does come to pass.

As with previous seasons, the large ensemble of characters tends to be split into groups. The Hawkins groups have even been separated in this reality and the Upside Down. It can be assumed they would reconnect, but this fan has a specific scenario that could likely happen.

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User Legobutwithlego thinks they will convene at the same site, one group in the Upside Down and the other in this reality. "After regrouping, I think Dustin's Group (Erika, Lucas, Max, and Dustin) and Steve's group (Steve, Robin, Nancy, and Eddie) will come up with a plan to defeat Vecna. The plan will consist of Robin, Nancy, and Steve entering Vecna's house in the Upside Down to kill him. Erika, Lucas, Max, and Dustin will also be in Vecna's House but in the real world." Given that they have shown that they are stronger in numbers, it would make sense if this came to fruition.

The plot device of time travel has been used to varying effects. At times, it can cause a murky situation and make for bad writing (which is why many fans did not want to see it come into play in Stranger Things). Despite this, user Pretty_Pink_Kiki believes there are hints that they could bring in time travel.

They state, "maybe they can go back to the time that the Upside Down is frozen at? Maybe bring back Barb? There’s too much emphasis on that grandfather clock for them not to play with time." Now that it has been revealed that the Upside Down is stuck in the past, the use of time travel has potential.

Predicting a main character's death is usually not a viable option, but given that it is entering its final season, now is when it could happen. User Legobutwithlego thinks "it’s going to be Mike. The foreshadowing in ST is heavy (I.e. watergate brought up when going through the students' files AND someone says “wait didn’t they get caught. Cut to - the water gate and Steve’s group being caught.)

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User Glad_Bedroom2394 also noticed a detail that could hint at Mike's demise, saying "when giving 11 the background on the Nina project, he mentions “her lover died”; pretty sure Mike's going to say he loves 11 and dies shortly after that." Given that the series started out with Mike as the main character, this could be a stretch. However, nothing is off-limits since some TV shows do like to take major risks to make their storylines more memorable.

It has been established that the Mind Flayer is the ultimate power in the Upside Down, and Vecna is an evil inhabitant of the Upside Down. While it is unclear if the two are working with (or for) each other, theories about the two arise from what is known so far.

u/virgin_abloh69 thinks "Vecna will succeed in letting the Mind Flayer through. Season 5 is the last, so we don't have time for exposition episodes. It's probably going to start with the kids having failed to foil the Mind Flayer's plans, but having succeeded to kill Vecna." The theory that Vecna will let the Mind Flayer fully into this reality would set up a final season wrought with danger.

A case can be made for many of the characters suffering the fate of Chrissy and Vecna's other victims. Many have been predicting that Steve would be the one to die since his death has been foreshadowed since season 1. However, u/virgin_abloh69 has a different opinion based on a shot from the teaser.

They saw in this scene at the Creel house, "Erica is carrying a lantern that lights up as she looks terrified. In that same lighting and setting, we see Lucas look um... troubled? heartbroken? gut wrenched??? I think we're gonna see some mirroring and he's going to give his life for Erica's with Max witnessing it." This would be a bleak mirror of events from episode 4, but this dreaded event could become reality.

Eddie is shown shredding on his guitar in the Upside Down in the teasers, and many assumed it would be to free Nancy from Vecna's trance. However, this fan has a different interpretation of that shot.

FrenzalRhomb1 says "The scene where Eddie is playing guitar is to draw the bats to him and Dustin at the trailer park so Steve/Nancy/Robin (and Erica?) can go to the Creel house to battle Vecna. That is why you see Dustin in makeshift armor in the trailer and Eddie seems to be behind him, they are about to fight the bats." It's certainly a possibility too, which could, unfortunately, lead to his death as well since the teasers also show a horrified Dustin, wearing the same armor, screaming at something off-screen.

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