Sister Wives: Why Fans Say Christine Roped Janelle Into A Pyramid Scheme

Christine Brown from Sister Wives appears to be glowing in recent social media posts, following her divorce from Kody Brown, but some fans think that she's luring Janelle Brown into sketchy business activities. Christine attributes her radiance to products from a brand called Life with Health & Happiness, which she runs with sister wife Janelle and “bonus kid,” Madison Brush. However, fans are wondering if her new venture is really just a pyramid scheme. Now that she's on her own, viewers are eager to see Christine succeed. Her relationships with other members of the Brown family are definitely of interest to viewers, following her split with family patriarch, Kody. 

Christine was the third wife of Kody Brown, whom she married in 1994, and they share six children. They were married for 27 years before announcing their split over social media in 2021. Fans watched as their marriage fell apart onscreen during Sister Wives season 16, and saw Christine decide to leave Kody to move to Utah, so she could be closer to her adult children.

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While Christine is no longer spiritually married to Kody, she remains close to her former sister wife Janelle, as well as Janelle's children. She was a "second mother" to those kids, as she was the family's stay-at-home wife for a number of years. Now that she is a single mom, fans have noticed that she has made some interesting choices in terms of the way that she's supporting herself.

When looking at Christine's social media, it is apparent that she is attempting to make money by operating her own business, but her Instagram bio mentions that she is still a licensed retailer with the infamous multilevel marketing company, LuLaRoe. While she and her sister wife Meri Brown are under fire for their connection to the company, and their decision to continue working for LuLaRoe even though it's considered a pyramid scheme, Christine has forged ahead with LuLaRoe. She also seems to have started a new business, which has fans questioning if she is involved in yet another pyramid scheme. Viewers are also concerned that Christine has roped real estate agent and former LuLaRoe retailer Janelle into her most recent MLM business. Many of Christine's photos on social media show her posing with a bottle of pink liquid that's related to her new business, as seen below:

The new brand, Life With Health and Happiness, was created by Christine, Janelle, and Madison Brown in 2021. The Instagram page for the brand has over 65k followers, and the products being sold by Christine are from the brand, Plexus. Marketing materials for the products claim that they help with gut health, skin problems, and weight loss. However, Plexus products have not been approved by the FDA, and there is no scientific evidence to back up those claims. While the company claims that it will buy back products if an ambassador cannot sell them, the company makes this extremely difficult. Due to many issues with the company's marketing and recruitment structure, it has been labeled as a pyramid scheme, as per Fairshake.

Christine has been a fan favorite for years, due to her willingness to stand up to Kody and ask for what she deserves, especially after spending much of their early marriage bending over backwards to support everyone else in the Brown family. Fans are concerned that her attempts to support herself now that she is no longer married to Kody may harm other members of the family, by making them a party to possibly shady business ventures. However, many fans are supportive of Christine and Janelle and their new company, and claim that anyone questioning them is just trying to bring down strong women who are running their own business.

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Whether Christine is knowingly involving her loved ones in a pyramid scheme, or is actually a victim of a predatory MLM is unclear. However, viewers hope that the Sister Wives star will find her way to health and happiness in her new life as a single woman. She has inspired a lot of people who watch the show, but many of them aren't quite sure what to think of her streams of income away from reality TV.

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