Seth MacFarlane Reveals Biggest Ted TV Show Writing Challenge

Though at the helm of the film, Seth MacFarlane reveals transferring Ted to a TV show format isn't as easy as it may sound. MacFarlane co-wrote, directed and starred in the 2012 comedy as the titular teddy bear brought to life by a wish from a young John Bennett, with the story primarily exploring their struggles as stoner adults trying to learn how to grow up. Mark Wahlberg starred in Ted as John alongside MacFarlane, Mila Kunis, Joel McHale, Giovanni Ribisi and Patrick Warburton.

MacFarlane is developing the Ted TV show with Modern Family alums Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh, the former of whom will direct, write, co-showrun, executive producer and star in all episodes of the series. The show will act as a midquel to the Ted movies and explore Jon and Ted's lives as teenagers in 1993 as they help each other navigate the challenges of adolescence. Max Burkholder is leading the cast of the Ted TV show as a teenage John alongside Giorgia Whigham as his older cousin Blaire, Scott Grimes as their brash uncle Matty and Alanna Ubach in an undisclosed role.

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While appearing on GQ's "Iconic Characters" series, Seth MacFarlane offered an update on his Ted TV show. The creator/star opened up about his challenges developing his film for TV, citing the movie's ability for non-plot moments as the biggest difficulty determining how to transition it to the small screen. See what MacFarlane explained below:

“It’s interesting, we’re doing a Ted series now for Peacock and initially it’s like, ‘Okay, this is a 22-minute series.’ To do these moments that have nothing to do with the story, but are just real asides that are so much a part of what the movie was, we’re having to kind of really think how we’re doing this and restructure it. It’s one of those things about comedy that’s so strange is that things that don’t move the story forward are not always things you want to pull out. It illustrates who these people are.”

Despite being a feature-length project, both Ted movies saw MacFarlane bring a number of his signature storytelling traits to the big screen, namely a number of cutaway gags. Unlike similar animated sitcom The Simpsons, one of the more memorable elements of MacFarlane's Family Guy is interrupting the story of its episodes for a cutaway gag, typically in reference to a family member comparing a situation of ridiculous fashion or a flashback of a similar vein. The Ted movies did include a handful of cutaway gags as John and Ted flashed back to points in their lives as well as their own observations on life and society.

Given MacFarlane already has experience with such comedy bits from Family Guy, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show, it seems likely he and the rest of his creative team on the Ted TV show will overcome this challenge. The biggest point of curiosity for the show at this point amongst fans of the films is sure to be whether it retains the R-rated humor of the movies, a possibility given its streaming platform home, or if it will tone things down slightly with its younger characters. While audiences await further details on the show, they can revisit the first Ted movie streaming on Max Go and the second on Peacock.

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Source: GQ

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