RuPaul's Drag Race: 10 Queens Who Were Robbed Of The Crown

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7 has arrived on Paramount+. So far, 150 queens have entered the race and 21 have left with the crown. Since the queens are pooled from the previous victors of the franchise and no eliminations will be taking place, it will be interesting to see who will snatch the crown a second time. No doubt there will be controversy, as it's always rife within the community, especially when a fan favorite is told to sashay away.

Whether by disqualification, self-sabotage, unfair competition, poor pairings, or favoritism by the judges, many queens have unjustly been eliminated from the race and deserve their due justice. Some have gone on to compete in other seasons and lost, while others may never appear on Drag Race again. 

Willam was announced one of the winners of the night just moments prior to being disqualified for violation of contract. Speculation abounds as to whether or not the production team knew about her endeavors the entire time and were hanging on to the time they would reveal it for a rainy day aka saving a less-deserving queen.

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As experienced as she is, evident from the numerous TV shows and movies she has been in, watching her disregard the contract she signed was a letdown for some fans. However, she should have been given the chance to redeem herself, as other queens have for much bigger offenses, but that has yet to be seen.

When she was at the bottom that week, Valentina tried to cover up she didn't know the words to her lip sync by wearing a lace mask over her mouth, but she was promptly asked to remove it. After a tense moment and a debate, Valentina did take it off and her lack of preparation was evident to everyone.

Valentina was a newcomer with a lot to prove and should have prepared better, but instead allowed the fact she had been on top for the past few weeks to get to her head, acted as if she was untouchable, and backstabbed her fellow racers. So much promise and potential wasted. Valentina did redeem herself in All Stars 4 by not being so full of herself and learning the lyrics for the one lip-sync challenge she was part of.

Michelle Visage expressed she hated Pandora Boxx's outfits, loudly and often. At the time of her elimination, she received high praise for all of the challenges prior, especially during Snatch Game, but did not win any of them. Fans were shaken when Tatianna beat her in the lip sync. Making a return in All Stars 1, she was paired with Mimi Imfurst.

What could have been a great comedy team quickly turned into a disaster, as Pandora was visibly unhappy and could not overcome the roadblock. The other queens felt that she was justified in her reaction. Mimi Imfurst made many enemies with the other queens and fans alike for her hostile behavior, most recently allegedly making unwanted sexual advances towards two young drag queens (per City Motion), and associating with someone like that is career suicide. Pandora made a comeback in All Stars 6, reminding fans why she was crowned Miss Congeniality.

While BenDela was among the top queens every week, she only won two challenges and suffered the wrath of Michele Visage for looking like a showgirl. When she returned for All Stars 3, BenDela and Shangela battled for the top spot, with the former most often coming out on top. Everyone's jaw hit the floor the moment BenDela eliminated herself. Fans were vocal about both eliminations but supported her decision.

Mental health should always come first, and BenDela was smart in realizing that she had to step away from the competition to focus on herself. No one should ever have to suffer in silence or be ridiculed when they speak out. Her shows around the globe and holiday specials (Drama Queen) showcase how special of a queen she really is.

While season 6 easily belonged to Bianca Del Rio, Adore came back in All Stars 2 but withdrew from the competition after finding Michelle Visage's remarks towards her to be harsh and belittling. She took it especially hard because the pair had recently worked together.

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Charming yet somewhat dimwitted, Adore Delano was a lovable teddy bear and it was heartbreaking to see her give up. She was the one that fans rooted for, even if they didn't think she could win. However, her reasoning for withdrawing was valid, as Adore has had many successful ventures outside of Drag Race, including music, and she doesn't need the show anymore to prove how talented she is.

Alyssa was constantly being underestimated, bullied, and conspired against. From Jade Jolie calling her fat to her fighting with Coco Montrese in season 5, she was involved in all the tea and nothing changed in All Stars 2, where she was eliminated not once, but twice.

Charismatic, energetic, humorous, and a drag mother, Alyssa Edwards is the total package and both eliminations were unjust. First, by Alaska and second by Detox, who both chose their friendship with Roxxy Andrews and who did not deserve a top-4 spot. Alyssa now competes with her dance studio team, Beyond Belief, around the country, showcasing what RuPaul missed in not crowing her.

No one could forget Shangela and that is why she has been back so many times, proving that developing your talent will make you a star. After failing to take the crown in seasons 2 and 3 due to inexperience, Shangela returned in All Stars 3 and slaughtered the competition.

She should have been crowned the winner after BenDelaCreme withdrew, but unfortunately, her fate fell to the vote of the eliminated queens and she sashayed away. When queens of this competition preach fairness and then don't execute it, fans are not silent about the injustice. Despite the rough hand she was dealt, Shangela rose above and continues to tour the world, her talent unmistakable.

Katya did win the Miss Congeniality title in season 7 as her rawness and vulnerability about her depression, anxiety, and drug addiction made her relatable and her humor always put a smile on her competitor's faces. She made a return in All Stars 2, only to be overlooked and beaten down by Michelle Visage, who was the most vocal about her outfits not pleasing her aesthetic.

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Fans at home used the #justice4katya hashtag on social media to express their opinion about her eliminations in season 7 and All Stars 2. Many felt that Katya's elimination was collateral damage in order for Alaska to win and the season was rigged in her favor. After exiting Drag Race, Katya continues to be the favorite zany Russian Hooker that fans love her for, most notably in the numerous web shows she hosts with World of Wonder.

Creativity and kindness made Nina Flowers one of the most beloved queens of the entire series. Crowned the very first Miss Congeniality, she dominated every single challenge and the runway with her creativity but lost to BeBe Zahara Benet. Nina returned in All Stars 1 and paired with Tammy Brown, a queen who is known to be quirky and zany, sometimes in the wrong way.

The pair did not work and were eliminated second when a Gaff Variety Show challenge went awry. They failed to connect and create the chemistry needed to win, making for a tough watch, as comedy is a thing that both queens excel at. Had they performed as individuals, Nina would have probably won the whole thing. Nina is a drag queen DJ and tours the world, and her looks are still iconic and edgy.

Raven almost went home within the first few episodes of season 2 due to lackluster performances, but she bounced back with a vengeance. While tensions were high with Tyra Sanchez and the rest of the queens, RuPaul felt that the other queens were jealous of Tyra's talent and gave the win to her in the "Here Comes the Bride" challenge, much to the chagrin of Raven and the other queens, who were vocal about Tyra's antics.

The blatant favoritism towards Tyra, despite her lack of personality and general negative aura, wasn't hidden and it was no surprise that she beat Raven out of the win. The title is "America's Next Drag Superstar," something that fans feel Raven is and Tyra is certainly not. Despite not winning All Stars 1, Raven is touring, hosting web shows, and recently won an Emmy for Outstanding Contemporary Makeup for a Variety, Nonfiction, or Reality Program (Non-Prosthetic).

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