Paper Girls Trailer Teases A Shocking Time-Travel Interaction

The official trailer for Prime Video's Paper Girls adaptation offers the first look at the heroines' time-traveling adventure, where a shocking interaction awaits in the future. The series by Legendary Pictures and writer Stephany Folsom brings Brian K. Vaughan's acclaimed comic book series to life. It centers on four teenage girls in Ohio with a paper route who stumble into a war between two groups of time travelers one fateful morning and get thrust into different timelines. The first images of Paper Girls teased some of the show's sci-fi action while fans awaited new footage.

Prime Video now shares the Paper Girls teaser trailer, which airs on July 29, 2022. The video showcases a few action sequences, including one in a tunnel with KJ (Fina Strazza) wielding her signature field hockey stick and the girls escaping an attack from unknown forces. The final sequence hints at teenage Erin's (Riley Lai Nelet) interaction with her adult self while the girls find themselves stuck in 2019. Check out the trailer below:

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While the little action on display looks promising, Erin's startling meeting with her future self, played by Ali Wong, is perhaps the most significant portion of the trailer. Their interaction is a critical element of the series, representing the characters' personal development as they meet other versions of themselves and see how their lives could turn out—sometimes not in the way they envision. Overall, the Paper Girls trailer is a subdued peek at Vaughan's vivid and imaginative sci-fi series, but it could be hiding the best footage for a good reason.

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