New Minecraft Legends Trailer Shows Off Strategy & Massive Battles

The next video game set in the Minecraft universe will be Minecraft Legends, an upcoming strategy game planned to release across multiple platforms, and it will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. This announcement corroborates a recent rumor that Minecraft was receiving a strategy spin-off, which was one of several correct leaks about Microsoft's recent reveal event.

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time, with millions of players around the world creating their own stories within its sandbox setting. There have been Minecraft spin-off titles in the past, such as the well-received Minecraft: Story Mode by Telltale Games, and the ill-fated Minecraft Earth, a mobile ARG game that was shut down due to the pandemic. Developer Mojang Studios has also released one major spin-off from the Minecraft series, Minecraft Dungeons, a dungeon-crawling adventure. However, while the scope for Minecraft content offers limitless possibilities, Minecraft Dungeons received a mixed reception as it did little with the original concept.

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The next entry in the Minecraft franchise will involve building and battling on a much larger scale. Minecraft Legends is a strategy game that was announced during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022 event, with a multi-platform release planned for 2023. It will also join numerous upcoming titles with a day one launch on Xbox Game Pass. The first trailer for Minecraft Legends can be seen on the official Xbox YouTube channel.

The trailer shows a Nether Portal opening up within a Minecraft world, allowing legions of monsters to invade. A player character who is mounted on horseback manages to gather monsters from the Overworld to their banner, leading an army of zombies and skeletons against the forces of darkness. The gameplay trailer shows Minecraft Legends will resemble the Dragon Quest Builders series, which ironically is heavily inspired by Minecraft. There were only a few moments of gameplay footage displayed during the event, showing the player building structures, creating order points that direct nearby monsters, charging into battle, and blowing up an enemy fortress.

Minecraft is a great fit for the strategy genre, as it so often involves creating buildings, as well as tearing down the structures built by foes. While the footage of Minecraft Legends is from a pre-alpha build and the visuals still look rough, the trailer lays out the concept of the game clearly for those interested in playing. Minecraft Legends is one of many big games launching in 2023, adding to an increasingly exciting lineup of upcoming titles to enjoy.

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Minecraft Legends will be released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation PC Game Pass, Windows, Steam, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation systems in 2023, with a day one launch on Xbox Game Pass.

Source: Xbox/YouTube

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