Mario Strikers Battle League: Best Rosalina Build Guide

Rosalina is a playable character in Mario Strikers: Battle League with a high base stat in Shooting. Shooting determines the power of a shot and the velocity at which the ball travels towards the goal. Therefore, Rosalina's high Shooting attribute of 17 makes it much more challenging for goalies to block her shots. On the other hand, her inferior Speed of 9 means that her character in Mario Strikers: Battle League cannot move quickly across the field. Therefore, Rosalina's capability in Shooting but lack of agility indicates that she must rely on her teammates to handle the ball and only pass it to her when she's lined up a shot.

With these distinct character attributes in mind, Mario Strikers: Battle League fans must outfit Rosalina with a build that takes advantage of her kit. Furthermore, a reliable team comp is also essential to making this build more effective. Nonetheless, keep in mind that even the recommended "best build" for Rosalina in Mario Strikers: Battle League might not be for all players. Everyone will have their unique playstyle and preferences. Accordingly, fans are advised to experiment using the recommended build as a template to fully realize Rosalina's potential on the field.

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The best build for Rosalina in Mario Strikers: Battle League is a specialized gear combination that further enhances her Shooting while also supplying more Speed to make her less of a burden on her teammates. More Speed means that Rosalina will have more freedom to move about the field, granting players more opportunities to use her to make scoring shots in the opponent's goal. Still, she will require a good playmaker and passer to help her with positioning the ball.

Here is a set of recommended gear pieces that Mario Strikers: Battle League fans can use for Rosalina, including a suggested team comp:

  • Head: Cannon Visor - increases Shooting by 2 points but reduces Technique by 2 points
  • Arms: Turbo Gloves - increases Speed by 2 points but reduces Strength by 2 points
  • Body: Cannon Plate - increases Shooting by 2 points but reduces Strength in Mario Strikers: Battle League by 2 points
  • Legs: Bushido Sandals - increases Speed by 4 points while reducing Strength, Passing, Shooting, and Technique by 1 point
  • Rosalina - main scorer with high Shooting
  • Luigi - high Passing and Technique make him an excellent support for Rosalina
  • Peach - can help line up shots thanks to her high Technique and Speed
  • Bowser - can substitute for Rosalina and makes up for her reduction in Strength

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Mario Strikers: Battle League is available on Nintendo Switch.

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