Love, Victor: 10 Questions Fans Still Have After The Series Finale

Just as Love, Victor is finally making its debut on Disney+, the beloved teen dramedy is coming to an end. The third season was released on Hulu and Disney+ on June 15th and already has fans talking to social media to spread the love for the show. If there's one thing the series knows how to do, it's how to take care of its fans, which is why the first episode of the season addressed nearly every major cliffhanger season two ended with.

While fans don't have to worry about nail-biting cliffhangers after season three, the series did end on a few open-ended notes. On the plus side, this allows fans to imagine their own futures for these beloved Creekwood characters, but it also means not everyone gets the closure they might have wanted.

One of the biggest moments in season 2 of Love, Victor happens when Victor realizes he's been relying on Simon too much. He sends Simon a final goodbye message and then never really mentions him again. While fans understand Victor wanting to be independent, many still missed the presence of Simon in season 3.

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There's not one scene where Victor reaches out for Simon in this season; however, Victor does wear Simon's iconic jean jacket in the final scene of the show. This has many believing that the two still do talk just not as frequently as before.

After breaking up with Lake in season two, Felix finally begins to explore his feelings for Victor's little sister, Pilar. Season three continues that relationship for a few episodes before Pilar breaks up with Felix after a fallout with her parents for hiding their relationship.

While it's clear these two still have feelings for each other, season 3 ends with neither of them asking each other to get back together. Instead, Pilar extends an olive branch to Felix to join in on their family picture. Many fans wonder if this means the two have decided they're better off as friends or if it's the beginning of a second-chance love story.

Unlike past seasons where basketball plays a big part in Andrew's life, the game took a backseat to his relationship with Mia. So much of a backseat that Andrew missed a big game that college scouts were attending to fly with Mia to visit her family.

Fans certainly love Andrew's devotion to Mia, but many are concerned that he may have jeopardized his future after missing the game. Sure, he still has one more season left before college, but getting in front of recruiters early is extremely important.

Benji drops a major bombshell on Victor in the final episode of the series: he's going to boarding school. Broken-hearted after confessing his love for him, Victor leaves as Benji heads off for his new life. Thankfully, things didn't quite end there, and Benji showed up at the winter carnival to be with Victor.

While it's clear these two are very much back together, fans still wonder if Benji is still going to boarding school. After all, he admits his parents are a major trigger for his drinking so it certainly would benefit him to get away from them for a while.

With Benji working on himself this season, Victor is left single for the first time in the entire show's history. He begins hooking up with Nick, a friend he meets at church, and the two eventually start seeing each other in the latter half of the season before breaking up because Victor still loves Benji.

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The writers make it clear that these two are done being in a relationship together, but fans were also left wondering what that means for their friendship. Can they stay church friends or did their relationship ruin their friendship?

Victor coming out to his family is a major plot point in the first and second seasons of the show and offers a much different narrative than the one Love, Simon explored. However, Victor only came out to his parents and siblings, leaving out his very religious and traditional Latinx grandparents.

Since his grandparents never made an appearance again, fans wonder if Victor ever came out to them. His grandfather wasn't very receptive to the idea of Benji's boyfriend in season one so fans can understand why Victor might not have been ready to come out either. However, it seems like the series might have missed a pivotal story moment since teenagers often don't just come out to their parents, but also to their entire extended families at some point in their lives.

Isabel and Armando's storylines often revolve around their relationship so it was nice of the series to shift away from that this season -- even if it did happen in the final episode. After yelling at his boss and quitting his job, Armando and Isabel decide to start their own business together.

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While this sounds like the perfect plan, in theory, many fans wonder if it's the healthiest thing for their relationship. They only recently got back together, and working together adds a whole different type of stress to a relationship.

After two seasons of being a will-they, won't-they couple, Andrew and Mia are finally together and stronger than ever. At least they appear to be. They're still keeping some secrets, as teenagers do, but there's no denying the love they have for each other.

The series ends with Mia moving away but with the promise to fight for her relationship with Andrew to work. For some fans, that's enough for them to believe that these two will make long-distance work, but other fans aren't as convinced. It would have been interesting to see them apart this season to make it clear that they will survive this.

Lake and Lucy came out of nowhere this season and quickly were on their way to being Love, Victor's best duos turned couple ever. However, their relationship hit a snag when Lucy announced she was moving. With some quick thinking on Lake's part, Lucy might be able to stay in Creekwood after all.

However, staying in your girlfriend's mother's studio apartment has unique challenges of its own. Will things be awkward when Lake's mom is there? What happens if Lucy and Lake don't work out? Fans have so many questions about Lucy's new living situation which makes them question if she'll even take the offer.

Rahim and Benji definitely didn't get off to a great start in season two of Love, Victor, but that slowly started to change in season 3. Rahim ends up tutoring Benji in Calculus and Benji returns the favor by helping Rahim find a suitable shirt in the face of his homophobic uncle.

While it seemed these two started to make headway, their interactions with each other ended shortly after that. Many fans were disappointed that there wasn't a scene with the two of them hanging out with the rest of the Creekwood gang. It only seems fit these two should be friends, especially now that they've both cleared the air with Victor.

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