Is Former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt Heading To AEW Or IMPACT?

Windham Rotunda FKA Bray Wyatt in WWE seems to be teasing his return to professional wrestling on Twitter, and fans could see him pop up in a promotion such as AEW or IMPACT in the near future. A former WWE champion three times over, he's used the platform to tease twists and turns in the past and may be doing the same thing to stir up some buzz now.

Wyatt hasn't been seen in a wrestling ring since WrestleMania 37, where he lost to Randy Orton to finish off one of the most bizarre feuds in recent memory. Reports have indicated that Wyatt is seeking a big payday from AEW or any other company that wants to sign him, and if his recent tweets are any indication, someone may have backed up the Brink's truck for one of WWE's biggest merch shifters.

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He hasn't been connected to any company outright as of this writing, but Wyatt's messages haven't been of the subtle variety. Sometimes that's a line his characters like to walk, but that hasn't been the case over the last 24 hours. He updated his Twitter photo and wrote the following from his @Windham6 handle: "I’m tired of watching. Tired of hearing irrelevant clowns speculate how I’ll be perceived. Tired of hearing about my greed, my desire questioned. Wherever and whenever I decide to return, I’ll remind everyone why they know my name. Again. And again. Believe in me. #IFoundIt" Soon after, he simply tweeted, "Patience. It’s almost time."

The idea that Rotunda could play a character who breaks the fourth wall and is aware of what people say about him is interesting. During his run as The Fiend, there was plenty of inside baseball during the wonderfully done Fire Fly Funhouse segments. They were self-referential and packed full of nods and teasers. Unless he wants a phone call from WWE's lawyers, Rotunda can't show up on AEW or elsewhere as The Fiend or Bray Wyatt, as the promotion owns trademarks to both characters.

That probably won't prevent him from coming up with some new mind-bending gimmick, though. The thought of Rotunda with a live mic in AEW should be enough to get any wrestling fan's blood pumping, as he's long been one of the most captivating promos in the game. If he can make WWE scripts work, imagine what he'd be able to do with even more creative freedom. Tony Khan hasn't made a habit of telling his performers "no" during AEW's time—Chris Jericho is on television calling himself a Wizard, for instance—and that kind of creative freedom could push Rotunda to the peak of draws in the industry.

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