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Samsung TVs offer closed captions like most other smart TVs and it's fairly easy to turn them on or off from settings. Closed captions are useful not only for people with hearing difficulties, but also to understand foreign accents or follow a program in a noisy room. Many users prefer turning on captions or subtitles when watching movies and shows, although having them on the screen at other times could be a distraction.

While closed captions and subtitles have one key feature in common – converting what is said on the screen to text – there's also one important difference. While subtitles merely transcribe the dialogue on the screen, closed captions also provide other cues that can be useful to those who are hard of hearing. These can include background sounds such as a doorbell ringing, or even the name of a speaker on the screen.

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As mentioned by Samsung, closed captions will only be displayed in apps or shows that support captions, but they might need to be turned on separately in apps like Netflix before they work as expected. On a Samsung TV, captions can be turned on or off easily in a few steps. To start, use the directional pad on the TV remote and select 'Settings.' Now go to the 'General' menu and then choose 'Accessibility.' Finally, go to 'Caption Settings' and then select 'Caption' to turn the feature on or off.

Samsung TV users can also take advantage of three other options in the menu to personalize the captions to their liking. The first is 'Caption Mode,' which allows users to change the caption language. However, the availability of languages is based on the TV channel, so Samsung advises users to leave it on 'Default' for the best results. Next, there is 'Digital Caption Options' that allows users to change the look of the captions by tweaking the font, size, color, and more. Finally, users can also use the 'Separate Closed Caption' option to display the caption in different areas of the screen for easier reading. This is especially helpful if the movie already comes with built-in 'open' captions that are overlapping with the closed captions.

Newer Samsung TV models also allow the use of accessibility shortcuts for commonly used features. This can greatly improve the TV-viewing experience, especially for people with disabilities. To use shortcuts, press and hold the Mute button on the remote for a few seconds until the Accessibility Shortcuts menu shows up on-screen. From here, navigate to 'Caption' and turn it on or off as required. Overall, the process of turning subtitles on or off is easy on Samsung smart TVs, and the additional options to tweak the look and feel of the captions only make the feature more practical and usable.

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