Harry Potter: To Which Wizard Family Do You Belong, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The world of Harry Potter is known for its many ancient wizard families. These lineages can be traced for hundreds of years, and most people in the wizarding world will judge others based on their blood relations. Each family has specific characteristics that define them and of which they are usually very proud.

Even though there are members of a family who turn out to be a little different, they have certain traits in common that are undeniable, even if they don't want to admit it. These traits can be related to zodiac signs, so fans can be able to assess the wizard family in which they could best find their place.

Tauruses are tenacious and stubborn people. This sign loves stability and consistency, and sometimes can be a little too set in its ways. Plus, they aren't afraid of hard work to achieve what they believe is right. Yet, they still enjoy relaxing and spending time with the people they love.

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This perfectly describes the Weasleys. Their stubbornness can sometimes make their relationships complicated, such as when Mrs. Weasley refuses to accept Fred and George's chosen career path, but anyone couldn't find a more loyal and dependable family in the wizarding world.

This fire sign is known for its pride, vanity, and passion. They are usually confident natural leaders who aren't afraid to fight for what they believe in. However, Leo's self-confidence can sometimes turn into arrogance and stubbornness, which can be a problem when they don't accept they also make mistakes.

The Black family is famous for their prideful arrogant ways, just like Leo. Even though some Blacks perfect the dark arts, Sirius, Regulus, and Andromeda Black showed to have big hearts which lead them to fight for the good of the world. However, that didn't make them any less vain and proud.

Scorpio is one of the most determined and ambitious zodiac signs. When they set their mind to something, they usually achieve it. Scorpios can sometimes show a manipulative side, that they use to get others to do what they want.

The Malfoys would the perfect choice for Scorpios. When Malfoys want something, they aren't afraid to pull all the strings they can to get it. Even though Draco Malfoy isn't all that bad, just like his father he constantly manipulates situations to get what he wants.

Gemini people are known for their sense of humor, intelligence, and ability to adapt to different situations. They deeply cherish the time they spend with their loved ones, and family is the most important thing in the world for them. Sometimes they can be impulsive and flaky, but that doesn't make them less reliable.

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Although Harry's been through a lot, he hasn't lost his sense of humor, a gift he uses for some excellent comebacks. This trait he shares with his father, who was known for his wittiness. The Potters are also smart and perceptive, attributes they use to be able to defend their family and loved ones in dangerous situations. Geminis would love to live with the Potters.

Pisces are sensitive and empathetic human beings. Sometimes they can be a little too emotional — crying in most situations — but their good heart will always take them far.

Any Pisces would relate to the Trelawneys. Sybill, just like her great-great-grandmother, Cassandra, uses her sensibility to see the future. Even though Professor Trelawney sometimes gets carried away, she's constantly trying to use her gift to help her students.

Libras are very empathetic individuals, for which they have a strong sense of justice.  They love being around people, but conflict makes them a bit nervous, so they are always trying to keep others happy. Their biggest flaw is their need for validation, yet they usually overcome it.

The Longbottoms are a loving, kind family.  Neville is one of the most heroic characters in the books, while his parents died trying to protect the world from evil. This family has put their life at risk from time to time to defend their ideal of justice. Any Libra would feel at home with the Longbottoms.

This sign is well known for its strong sense of duty. Since they are very driven and hardworking individuals, they usually have a hard time giving up. They have very high standards for others and for themselves, but their sense of responsibility makes them ideal citizens.

The Goldstein family understands their role within the wizarding world and they try to fight for the ideal rights of society. Queenie and Porpentina tried their best to create a world in which people could marry whoever they wanted, risking their lives in the process. This is why Goldstein's would offer the best home for a Capricorn.

This sign is very idealistic, with a strong sense of compassion and justice. They're visionaries who want to make the world a better place. Often misunderstood, Aquarians have a unique way of seeing the world. People tend to think they're delusional, when in fact they're very intelligent human beings.

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The Lovegoods are Aquariuses through and through. Even though few people really understand the Lovegoods, they're some of the most intelligent characters in the books. Luna and her father are deeply sensitive and have a distinctive way of perceiving the world. On top of this, Luna is loyal, empathetic, and willing to die for what she believes is right.

Aries is one of the most ambitious signs in the zodiac. They're also dynamic and zealous, and always willing to try new things. This high energy can sometimes translate into unbridled competitiveness, and Aries sometimes have a hard time controlling their temper.

The Lestranges are one of the most passionate and determined individuals. Even though Bellatrix is an evil murderer, one can't deny how strongly she feels about the dark arts. Leta Lestrange, as well as Bellatrix, has a strong temper, but she uses it for good instead of evil. Aries people would fit perfectly with the Lestranges.

Cancers are some of the most loyal people anyone could ever meet. They care intensely for their loved ones and are always trying to protect them. However, they also have a hard time being vulnerable and can be resentful when things don't go well in their relationships.

People from this sign would definitely understand the Dumbledores. Even though Albus Dumbledore is one of the most powerful wizards in the world, he has a hard time controlling his emotions, which often causes him to make great mistakes. Yet, just like his brother Aberforth, he's protective of the people he loves, and they both try their best to make the world a better place.

Virgos are commonly practical, logical, and methodic. They tend to be very analytical, always trying to get the best outcome for a situation. Because of this, they're usually a little tense, and people tend to think of them as uptight. However, Virgos are kind-hearted and warm people, who are just trying to protect their loved ones.

A lot of people see Professor McGonagall as one of the characters with the most common sense. This is because she doesn't let herself be carried away by emotions - usually. She's calm and calculating and has everything under control. No wonder why McGonagall has some of the best quotes in the movies. Virgos would be an excellent addition to this family.

Sagittariuses are cheerful and kind people. They make others around them feel immediately comfortable. This sign is also very sensible and intelligent, and they often provide unique points of view to situations. On top of that, they are adventurers whose curiosity leads them to discover incredible paths in life.

Even though Newt Scamander is a little socially awkward, he tries to be kind to everyone, particularly magical creatures. His intelligence and curiosity for the natural world led him to write one of the most important books in magical history. His son, Rolf, is also a magizoologist, so he's probably a lot like his dad. Sagittariuses would feel very comfortable with the Scamander's.

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