Harley Quinn's Best New Redesign Shines in Red & Black Costume Art

One of Harley Quinn's best costume redesigns returns in a stunning new piece of DC Comics art from Jen Bartel showcasing the incredible ensemble for the antihero. Bartel shared her take on Otto Schmidt's redesign for Harley Quinn from Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red #11 by DC Comics, which pays tribute to her original costume but is an entirely fresh look for the popular heroine. Bartel adds her gorgeous, signature style to the redesign in the spectacular art.

In Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red #11 by DC Comics, Otto Schmidt teamed up with writer Simon Spurrier and letterer Gabriela Downie in a story where Harley Quinn shared with a group of criminals at a sleazy bar how she would take down the Justice League. Quinn gleefully explains how she would turn Superman into a radioactive monster, shrink the Flash, force mythology writers to rewrite Wonder Woman's history and make her consort of Hades, and stab John Stewart's Green Lantern in the neck. Meanwhile, Quinn explains turning criminals against each other to take down Batman by poisoning them (as Harley actually poisons the bar patrons). However, as Batwoman catches up to her, Quinn reveals herself to be a robot, as the real Harley, in an all-new costume redesigned by Schmidt, laughs at the hero for failing to catch her.

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On her Twitter account, superstar cover artist Jen Bartel shared her take on Harley Quinn's Black + White + Red DC Comics costume redesigned by Schmidt. The warmup art shows off how great the costume was designed, as her take on the outfit shows the colorful redesign and its great details. From the red, black and white bodysuit that becomes almost entirely white from her upper chest, from her new mallet, to her long red and black hair, Harley Quinn has rarely looked better than she does in the new costume. Bartel also shared Schmidt's original design to compare her take on the look.

Schmidt was impressed with Bartel's work and her take on his Harley Quinn redesign from Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red #11, as the talented artist drew a new image with the character in costume to celebrate the great art.

Harley Quinn has sported many different looks over the years, with her current and classic costume being among the most popular designs for the antihero. However, Bartel's art proves Schmidt's design is special, as the Black + White + Red redesign is the perfect middle ground between her old and new costumes - while offering something unique. If DC Comics decided to make the costume Harley Quinn's permanent outfit, it's hard to imagine readers wouldn't be on board.

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