Gilmore Girls: 10 Most Realistic Things About The Show, According To Reddit

Although fans are still hoping for season 2 of the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival A Year In The Life, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino shared the next best thing. According to People, Sherman-Palladino said that several actors from the beloved mother/daughter show will appear in season 5 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Viewers will always want more episodes of Gilmore Girls because while some parts are anything but realistic, there are lots of relatable moments and reasons why fans can see themselves in the stories and characters. Redditors are sharing their favorite, most authentic parts of the series.

10 Rory's Story Arc Is Realistic

While Rory makes smart life decisions on Gilmore Girls, the character has also disappointed viewers by stealing a boat, leaving Yale, and being lost in the revival. But not everyone thinks that Rory's story arc is upsetting to watch.

Redditor crittab noted the "real, age-appropriate drama" on the series and continued "I like that Rory's story gets more complicated as she gets older, because that's life." It's true that once Rory finishes high school, she has to face many harsh realities, from not always agreeing with her mom to struggling in her romantic life.

9 Dean And Lindsay's Marriage Troubles Make Sense

When Lindsay Lister and Dean Forester tie the knot in season 4, Rory is jealous and upset, unsure how to deal with her complicated emotions. It's hard for her to see that Dean is moving on when she's nervous and unsettled about her life at Yale.

Redditor crittab thinks that this relationship is portrayed in a realistic manner. The fan wrote, "I like that Dean's way-too-young/too fast marriage crashed and burned for all of the obvious reasons."

8 Gilmore Girls Feels More Real Than Other Teen Shows

Redditor soph_164 compared Gilmore Girls to One Tree Hill and The O.C.writing that the mother/daughter drama is more accessible and real than those series.

The fan noted when the show features a plotline "like a car crash or a breakup, it portrays it in a far more realistic, less dramatic light than other shows do." Instead of being overly intense or overly dramatic, Rory and Lorelai talk through their feelings and discuss solutions to their problems.

7 Rory's Life Crisis Is Logical

Each character's A Year In The Life ending ranges from happy to unsettled, and while Lorelai and Luke Danes are married, Rory isn't where she wants to be in her journalism career.

Redditor looneyloveslovegood wrote that "Rorys downfall was actually very realistic" and there are "very obvious and not so obvious signs of her character downfall." The fan noted that when Rory kisses Jess Mariano when she's dating Dean, doesn't go to Lorelai's business school graduation, and "had a meltdown in class," this suggests that she's not perfect.

6 Louise Is A Logical High School Character

Rory is paired up with Louise Grant and Madeline Lynn for many projects at Chilton, and they're an interesting contrast to studious Paris Geller. Redditor katfarr89 likes that Louise is "popular" and "good at academics."

The fan called Louise a "surprisingly well-rounded for a side character, and in a lot of ways more realistic as a high schooler than Paris (or Rory, even)." Louise does feel realistic, as she wants to do well in school but also enjoys having a thriving and fun social life.

5 Rory And Lorelai's Closeness

Replying in a thread about whether Lorelai and Rory's Gilmore Girls relationship is realistic, Redditor pink_highlight posted, "Part of the reason I always loved this show is because my mother and I have a similar relationship."

Several viewers can relate to this, as they share the same bond with their own mom that Rory has with Lorelai. It's always sweet to see the characters hanging out and caring about each other so much, and although they do fight in season 6, at least they come back together and repair their relationship.

4 Jess's High School Attitude Is Understandable

Although it can be tough to watch Jess snap at Luke and treat people badly during his high school years, he does have a lot of pain that he's carrying around.

Redditor Sassy_Severus_Snape posted that it's realistic that Jess behaves the way that he does given his past, writing, "his reaction to his circumstances generally always makes sense." It's hard for Jess to move to a completely new town and realize that his parents have other priorities and want him to live with his uncle instead.

3 Viewers Can See Themselves In Rory's Story

Rory's overall arc is relatable and true to life, as she grows up, falls in love for the first time, has some friendship drama, and tries to maintain her close relationship with Lorelai throughout all of her changes.

Redditor MahomesMccaffrey believes that Rory's striving to get into Harvard is realistic, writing, "we all had similar versions of ourselves during a point of our lives. Working the hardest we can to pursue a dream of ours and believe there will always be a happy ending awaits."

2 Stars Hollow Reflects Small Town Life

The setting of Gilmore Girls is vibrant, rich, and a place many would love to live. Stars Hollow has many quirky events, and viewers who also live in small towns agree that this portrayal makes sense.

Redditor squeedgiebeckenheim says that it's "accurate" when they think about the town that they reside in, writing, "Everyone knows each other, especially the people really involved in town affairs and there are a lot of quirky traditions."

1 It Makes Sense That Rory And Dean Have Trouble In Season 5

For Redditor irismoonn, Dean and Rory's decision to get back together later on is logical and the way that things really would work IRL. The characters struggle a lot as they realize that their romance doesn't feel as natural as they once did.

The fan wrote that Rory and Dean's "relationship in season 5 is done very well. It seems very realistic" as the show explores the "hopeless and pointless 'vibe' of their relationship."

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