Game Of Thrones: 10 Best Side Characters, According To Reddit

Recently, HBO stunned fans by announcing that a Game of Thrones sequel series, centering on Jon Snow, is now in development. Given how shocked fans were by the development, many are returning to the series to see just what might come out of this new show.

Yet what many are discovering is that some of the best characters in Game of Thrones weren't the main characters like Jon or Daenerys. Instead, they are side characters that often go unappreciated by the majority of the viewing audience. And, really, they deserve better than they got.

10 Varys

Sometimes, there's nothing better than a schemer behind the scenes, planning out every step of the way without anyone even figuring out he's doing it. That's the role Varys filled in the series, and he did an excellent job of it. "He's like the more ethical version of Littlefinger," says Redditor Auditor0fReality.

It's a great comparison, given that he often found himself at odds with the other schemer. Varys took everyone around him apart with shady burns and careful attention to detail. While it led him to a terrible end, it certainly helped him make his mark on the world at large.

9 Davos Seaworth

A smuggler turned Hand of the King, Lord Davos Seaworth had more care in his heart than anyone else in the show. "I love the love he has for Shireen. The scene where she was teaching him how to read... aww it pulled at my heartstrings," says Reddit user kcman011. His love for her was genuinely profound, which made it all the more upsetting when he discovered her death.

But even that love wasn't all that the character had. He was also a brilliant Hand, serving both Stannis and Jon equally well, and helped in the fight against the White Walkers, proving to be one of the most heroic side characters in Game of Thrones. Now the Master of Ships, Davos has truly worked his way up in life and earned his role.

8 Hot Pie

Sometimes, it doesn't take much to draw the love of fans. For Hot Pie, a member of the smallfolk who loved nothing more than cooking, all it took was representing the little guys. "I really like to think that there are many commoners who try not to let the war affect them," says zidanetribal on Reddit. "Life doesn't have to be politics, it can also be about fellowship over a nice dinner with loved ones."

Hot Pie actually had a profound character arc, going from a terrified bully to a regular cook at the Crossroads Inn. He didn't need to fight in wars, and he didn't need to reclaim castles or titles. He just wanted to live his life. In a show filled with cutthroat backstabbing, it was a refreshing change of pace.

7 Jorah Mormont

A former slaver who became one of Daenerys Targaryen's best friends, Jorah had an incredible journey that saw him betray his queen and then redeem himself a thousand times over, while helping to uncover the secret to the cure for greyscale. "Flawed," as Redditor MrMagpie27 describes him, "but devoted."

Given that Jorah died defending the queen he swore his life to, he certainly earned his redemption. Besides, after dedicating himself to helping a woman who freed slaves across Essos, he repaid his debts and then some. Though he never fully repented for his actions, he did good in the world — as well as he could.

6 Podrick Payne

The most loyal squire in Westeros, Podrick was a character who took part in some of the funniest scenes in Game of Thrones, while also having his moments of quiet tragedy. As TrapperMAT described him on Reddit, "He's pretty much the only honest and good-hearted character left."

Having befriended and forged loyalty to both Tyrion and Brienne — and having saved their lives along the way — he proved his worth. Of all the characters, he was the one who best earned his place among the Kingsguard, as his loyalty proved unwavering. The moment he was knighted was also fairly profound and left viewers everywhere celebrating, before the Night fell.

5 Smalljon Umber

The betrayer of both House Stark and his father's oath, Smalljon Umber was the Northern lord who handed Rickon Stark to Ramsay Bolton, damning the boy to a painful death. Yet, despite his betrayal, he proved to be a cunning figure, who managed to gain Ramsay's trust and support against the wildlings, despite refusing to swear fealty at all.

But what really entertained fans was how he treated Ramsay and Harald Karstark. "He has pretty legitimate points when he roasts them both," says Somailan_Pirate on Reddit. After managing to point out that Ramsay killed his father, and that Harald betrayed his own kin, he certainly seemed intelligent, while also being a brutal Northern lord.

4 Maester Aemon Targaryen

The loyal Night's Watch maester, Maester Aemon watched every member of his House crumble and die, yet he never left his post. With Jon Snow under his command, Aemon proved to be a kind and helpful Maester who was never afraid to answer the dark questions that Jon asked. He even managed to help ensure that Jon did not run south and damn himself to an inevitable execution.

Though he suffered one of the saddest deaths on Game of Thrones"The fact that he never learned that the two Targs were not alone anymore is a real tragedy," says TeddysBigStick on Reddit. Aemon died thinking that House Targaryen would die with Daenerys, should she fail, but he never even realized he was teaching the son of Rhaegar all along.

3 Yoren

The gruff Night's Watchman who saved Arya Stark's life at the statue of Baelor, some fans wish they could have seen more of the surprisingly heroic characters in the show. "Yoren was way too short-lived. He had the potential to be another Bronn, or Davos," argues Reddit user Deathless-Bearer.

Though his demeanor was cold, he clearly cared for the kids under his watch, and he genuinely wanted to serve the Night's Watch. Despite being with the worst of the worst, he only saw them as people. Besides, he had no obligation to help Arya, but he died just to protect her, without even a second's thought, proving to be a true friend to Arya and the Starks.

2 Maester Luwin

The maester who served House Stark in Winterfell, before being forced to serve Theon after the boy's betrayal, Luwin was a truly loyal man, who was practically a third parent to the Stark children, and certainly the sole parent of Bran and Rickon Stark after Ned and Catelyn were forced to go south.

"Maester Luwin was a really wholesome presence," says Redditor Browncoat-Alex. Having given his life to protect Rickon and Bran, he certainly was. Had he lived long enough to see the Starks reunite, it's likely he would have been a great advisor and an even better ally. Unfortunately, he didn't live long enough to last.

1 Shireen Baratheon

A sweet little girl who taught a reformed smuggler how to read, Shireen Baratheon was one of the kindest characters in the show. Perhaps that's why, in a series that doesn't tolerate kindness, she suffered a cruel death that left her sacrificed on a wooden stake. "She didn't deserve that ending," says Reddit user tomatocreamsauce, and she certainly didn't.

As a greyscale survivor, she had already been through so much, yet she came out of it with a kind outlook and a relentless love for her family. To see her betrayed so profoundly by her own parents hurt like nothing else, especially since Davos wasn't there to help her through it.

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