ESO: High Isle - How to Find & Defeat Madena Bracques (Coral Cliffs)

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is the newest expansion into the Elder Scrolls universe, where players can fight mini-bosses like Madena Bracques at the Coral Cliffs. High Isle is the homeland of the Bretons, a human-elf hybrid race that has a strong affinity for magic. The main islands where they live, the Systres Archipelago, have been previously unavailable in the Elder Scrolls series, but this newest DLC allows players to access High Isle and Amenos, two islands of the archipelago.

Unlike past games in the franchise, High Isle focuses on a political plot between rival factions threatening to undermine the tenuous peace-keeping Tamriel together. Players will encounter the mysterious Ascendant Lord, a knight in charge of a group that wants to reclaim the power of the Systres Archipelago and the Bretons by leading a coup against High Isle. In previous expansions, players had to battle Daedric Princes and their minions to save Tamriel from doom and destruction. The last expansion occurred in Blackwood and the Deadlands, where players fought against Mehrunes Dagon in ESO's Gates of Oblivion storyline.

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In the High Isle DLC, players explore a series of delves in conjunction with the main storyline quest. These delves each feature a mini-boss who drops rare armor and soul gems. One of the delves, Coral Cliffs, is located in the northeast section of Amenos, the pirate-infested island to the north of High Isle. The mini-boss, Madena Bracques, is a Breton druid.

The fastest way to get to the Coral Cliffs in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is to use the Flooded Coast wayshrine. If the player has not yet unlocked this, walk to the island's northeast coast. The Coral Cliffs are accessible from the main roads connecting the island together. On the way, players can visit the Brokerock Mine to hunt for quests, level up their character, and search for ores for crafting. In addition, ESO features crafting stations throughout Tamriel where players can forge better gear.

Once the player enters the Elder Scroll Online: High Isle's Coral Cliffs, head through the mountain passage to get to the cliffs on the other side. Continue the road around the cliffs until the mini-boss, Madena Bracques, appears in the southeast region of the map. When the player first encounters this Breton druid, she taunts them with, "you've just volunteered to be our sacrifice!" Madena Bracques fights with a fire staff and can set the ground ablaze. She also has minion dragons that can swarm the player. When Madena's human form dies, she transforms into an earth elemental. This elemental fights like any other in the series, and the player must destroy totems that power the second-form Madena Bracques.

Once the totems are destroyed and Madena Bracques' elemental dies, she drops the Steadfast's Mettle Belt, part of the Steadfast Mettle set, as well as a soul gem and other items. With this, the Coral Cliffs delve is completed. After completing this delve, there are five other delves in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle to explore. The delves can be explored as a solo or with a group. The best place to start is to find all waypoints on High Isle to help make it easier to get to each delve and overland boss.

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Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is currently available on PC, Mac, and Stadia and will be available on June 21, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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