Dragon Ball Super's Strongest Fusion isn't Between Goku & Vegeta

Only one fusion in the world of Dragon Ball Super can make Goku and Vegeta look absolutely pitiful. While it might seem inconceivable, Vegito and Gogeta aren't Dragon Ball's strongest fusion.

Ever since Dragon Ball introduced the concept of fusion during the Majin Buu saga, fans of the series have been hungry for more fusion warriors. Though that original arc really only gave readers Gotenks and Vegito, later Dragon Ball media would introduce Vegeta and Goku's other fusion, Gogeta. Even more obscure entries in the franchise would introduce other fusions such as Trunks and Vegeta's undefeated fusion, Vegeks. While all fusions vary in power level (and canonicity), Vegito and Gogeta are generally regarded as some of the strongest characters ever introduced in Dragon Ball history. In Dragon Ball Super though, Vegito was defeated in a battle against the ultra-powerful Fused Zamasu and his later form, Infinite Zamasu.

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Introduced during the controversial Future Trunks arc, Zamasu is one of the most dangerous Dragon Ball antagonists ever. Originally the North Kai from an alternate Dragon Ball Universe, he was an incredible fighter who grew to detest the mortals he was supposed to serve. He eventually time-traveled to the future to gather the ultra-powerful Super Dragon Balls and wished to switch bodies with Goku, leading to him becoming Goku Black. Eventually, Goku Black's path of destruction leads him to seek out an alternate universe version of him, Future Zamasu, who wished for immortality instead of Goku's body. When they fuse in a fight against Goku and Vegeta, their power is immense, leading them to win a fight against Vegito. Though their fusion time eventually ends, there's a complication. Future Zamasu's immortality has permanently merged both versions of the villain. When Trunks cuts him in two, two Zamasus arise. When Vegeta blows them to bits... each bit becomes its own Zamasu. This being was so powerful and unstoppable that Goku had to call on Dragon Ball's omnipotent king, Zeno, to erase the being forever.

Dragon Ball is infamous for using the concept of power levels to claim certain characters are more powerful than others, but that's actually not what happened with the Zamasus. Instead of Infinite Zamasu's power coming from something as arbitrary as a power level, it comes from the interaction of two different sets of rules; the rules regarding fusions and the rules regarding Future Zamasu's immortality. Potara fusions usually come with the downside of a time limit, a limitation seemingly put in place to answer why Dragon Ball's heroes aren't just always fused. On the other hand, the Super Dragon Balls are incredibly powerful, meaning that Zamasu's immortality is absolute. Naturally, since Fused Zamasu has the abilities of both Goku Black and Future Zamasu, the fusion is also absolutely immortal. With these two rules combined, Infinite Zamasu is inevitable. Given that Goku Black alone is stronger enough to break Dragon Ball's universe, Infinite Zamasu ranks among the series' strongest threats ever.

Dragon Ball is often derided as mindless action, but the truth is that even its sequel series shows an incredible amount of creativity. Ultimately, Dragon Ball Super's greatest fusion doesn't come from Goku and Vegeta's absurd power levels, it comes from the collision of two pre-established abilities.

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