Diablo Immortal: Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

Diablo Immortal is the newest game in the Diablo franchise and, like past entries, has endgame content once players beat the game. Diablo Immortal takes place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, and players explore the world of Sanctuary to find out what happened to the broken shards of the Worldstone. As players progress through the game, they max out at level 60; afterward, players earn Diablo's Paragon levels to max out their characters.

The plot of Diablo Immortal takes players across Sanctuary, collecting Worldstone shards and stomping out corruption as they go. The game's antagonist, Skarn, seeks to gather the Worldstone shards, resurrect Diablo, and restart the Eternal Conflict between the Demons and Angels. The dungeons are shorter, as Diablo Immortal is also geared towards mobile gaming, so players move through the storyline relatively quickly compared to previous titles. There are eight areas for players to explore, and once Skarn is defeated after finishing the main story campaign, players beat the game.

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After beating the game and reaching level 60, there is a lot of endgame content to encourage players to continue to play and level up their characters, including multiplayer elements and Diablo Immortal's challenge rifts. In addition, there are daily rewards and activities that can be unlocked to earn loot and crafting materials that players can use to strengthen their characters, unlock dungeons, and more.

Once players defeat Skarn and complete the main story quest, there are some new elements that are unlocked and other randomly generated dungeons that players can raid together or in groups. The first thing players should do is get familiar with the Paragon leveling system. Paragon levels were introduced in Diablo III and allow players to strengthen characters. Instead of leveling up past 60, players get Paragon points to spend on new skills. There are six different Paragon trees, but at first, only two will be unlocked; the other four are unlockable after Paragon level 150. With all of the Paragon levels included, Diablo Immortal's max character level is 600, so players have a lot of endgame grinding to do if they want to max their character.

Additionally, players can go back to replay Diablo Immortal dungeons and complete quests in the Hell difficulty, only unlockable after reaching level 60. There are four levels of Hell difficulty, with Hell Level 4 available to players at Paragon level 150. Despite the difficulty, there are some quests that players can finish after beating the game the first time through, like the Legacy of the Horadrim quest. This quest opens up the Legacy of the Horadrim Vessels that buff a character's secondary attributes.

Alternatively, players can explore more of the game's multiplayer options. Diablo Immortal offers a variety of ways to play and interact with other plays in the game, first unlocked after completing the tutorial at the beginning of the game. If players want a smaller multiplay experience, they can join a Diablo warband. Once players are more comfortable with online play, they can join one of the two factions in the game: the Shadows or the Immortals. By joining a faction, players can gain bonuses, character buffs, and unlock access to PvP activities. Whether playing solo or in groups, players can do Dungeons raids and Challenge Rifts, randomly generated grinds that can offer rare monsters and loot drops.

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Diablo Immortal is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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