Deadpool Is Officially the Ultimate Xenomorph Killer (So Let Him Do It)

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Alien #12

It is a known fact that Deadpool is one of the deadliest characters in the Marvel Universe–proven true after he literally killed everyone within the universe, twice–but it has recently been confirmed that Deadpool is deadlier than even Alien’s Xenomorphs–and that’s a "versus" battle fans absolutely need to see.

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool wasn’t born a mutant like his X-Men/X-Force allies, but instead he is a mutate who gained his powers after undergoing rigorous experimentation courtesy of Weapon X. Wade was a highly skilled mercenary who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but after using Wolverine’s DNA, Weapon X was able to keep the cancer from killing Wade, though the process granted him a truly horrific ability. Rather than Wolverine’s healing factor, which regenerates living cells, Deadpool regenerates dying cells leading Marvel to rebrand his "healing" factor as a "dying" factor. Deadpool, of course, isn’t able to die because of this ability, but in a way it is almost as if he is a living corpse ravaged by disease that will never truly be cured.

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In Alien #12 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larroca, the religious settlers on the moon colony Euridice are under attack by a horde of Xenomorphs sent to the settlement by Weyland-Yutani. The company has implanted Synthetic spies in preparation for this despicable mission as its goal is to infect the settlers then collect the Xenomorphs to use however the company sees fit. However, one of the people the company hopes to impregnate is a woman named Jane who is suffering from a debilitating disease that impacts her motor functions. Since she has a disease that could pass to a Xenomorph if one were to be gestating inside of her, the Facehuggers the settlers are facing opt to avoid her in order to only produce the healthiest possible offspring.

Based on the confirmation given in this Alien issue that Xenomorphs will avoid impregnating someone if they have a disease that could harm a Chestburster, Deadpool would be completely in the clear if he ever found himself in a Xenomorph hive. Deadpool is very much disease-ridden, plus he is a highly skilled mercenary who also has super strength and heightened agility. Not only would the Facehuggers leave him alone, but he has the power and skills to kill any Xenomorph that tries to challenge him–using his weapons to blow them up and letting his dying factor regenerate any part of him that is injured either from the splatter of the creatures’ acid blood or simply from an attack by the Xenomorphs themselves.

Now that Deadpool is officially the perfect Xenomorph killer, it is time for Marvel to let fans see it. When Alien was being published by Dark Horse Comics, the publisher partnered with DC Comics to do some pretty outstanding crossovers including Superman vs Aliens and Batman/Aliens. At this point in time, Marvel holds the publishing rights to Alien and can create a non-canonical crossover anytime it so chooses. Deadpool is the most meta character there is, so to give him an offshoot storyline where he goes off and fights Xenomorphs would be incredibly fitting for his character. Plus, Marvel owes fans an Alien/Marvel crossover after releasing a number of variant covers upon the announcement that Alien had become a Marvel Comics property. The covers all featured various Marvel heroes squaring off against Xenomorphs. From Marvel’s obligation to give fans a pay off to the overwhelming amount of evidence supporting Deadpool’s Xenomorph-hunting status, Deadpool needs to cross over with Alien and prove that he is the ultimate Xenomorph killer.

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