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The recent announcement that there would be another season of Black Mirror has been well-received by fans as there had been uncertainty as to whether the anthology series would return or not. The tech-themed show is best known for exploring bizarre advancements in technology and their negative effects as well as casting big-name actors as leads.

Another thing that makes Black Mirror such a memorable series is the dialogue. In a show full of deeply thought-out arcs, the characters are often made to speak in a philosophical and analytical manner. As such, fans have been treated to some of the most memorable remarks ever heard on TV.

Chris, a rideshare driver, kidnaps an intern at a social media company and demands to speak to the CEO. After a long chase, he laments how social media has been designed to be so addictive that people don't notice anything else anymore. He then confesses to having caused an accident that led to the death of his fiancée because he was staring at a notification.

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Many episodes in the series touch on advancements in technology that are yet to be realized but the Chris tale covers what's happening in the current world. Chris feels it's not just his fault that the accident happened. The social media company should take part of the blame too by hooking in users without caring about the consequences.

A mysterious hacker blackmails a man named Hector, threatening to release photographic evidence of his infidelity. A boy named Kenny is also blackmailed because of a compromising video of himself. The two are instructed to rob a bank and when Kenny hesitates, Hector reminds him of the consequences.

Hector is right about permanent footprints being left on the internet. Once a picture or video is out there, it can never be totally erased. Both characters are motivated by fear, with Hector being afraid of losing custody of his children whereas Kenny fears his parents and friends will see the video. In the end, it doesn't matter since the blackmailer fails to honor the promise a releases the video anyway. The lesson? Never record anything you wouldn't be okay with others seeing.

After Liam discovers that his wife, Ffion, had sex with another man, an act that could have led to the birth of their daughter, he confronts her. Ffion argues that she didn't lie to him, she only protected him from emotional damage.

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Ffion knows that Liam has a tendency to overreact and torture himself with the information once he gets it, so she considers it best to protect him from the truth. To her, withholding information isn't the same as lying. Even though she makes sense, she still comes off as trying to make excuses for her actions.

In one of the best ever Black Mirror episodes, Abi's dream of becoming a singer comes to a halt when the judges tell her that they've heard singers like her before.

Though well crafted, Judge Charity's words are a bit ironic since people in this particular reality are all made to live the same lives, where they are forced to earn credits in order to make purchases. It's thus difficult for anyone to develop a unique way of thinking or doing things. The few that manage to stand out end up reaping all the benefits.

After completing Yorkie, Kelly asks her if she really needs her glasses or if they are just a fashion statement. Yorkie explains that she wears them because they are comfortable, something which impresses Kelly because most people only focus on their appearance.

It's yet another remark that reflects modern-day society. Everyone tries to make themselves look good to other people rather than ensure they themselves are comfortable. Kelly's realization that Yorkie isn't like other people makes her even more attracted to her, leading to one of the best ships in the series.

Tired of the traditional election process, producer Napier proposes an online election system where candidates get upvotes or downvotes.

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Napier's proposal doesn't go through because he isn't a particularly likable character in the episode but viewers get the sense that it is an idea that could work. Such an idea would not only enable voters to pick a candidate but also determine how high or low they end up in the rankings.

Like some of the apps seen today, Black Mirror invents a system that uses algorithms to decide someone's perfect match. However, in this particular episode, it places a man named Frank in a relationship he doesn't like. When asked what he learned about his new lover, he becomes very honest.

Frank's words and the episode as a whole underscore are used to push the argument that modern-day methods of match-making aren't necessarily the best when it comes to the search for a lifelong partner. Face-to-face courtship is still the most preferred method because chemistry can be determined quite easily.

Ashley Too, Rachel, and Jack go on a mission to rescue the real Ashley. Posing as a pest control service employee, Jack makes a first stop at the kitchen.

It's a perfect pop culture reference, given the ruse that Jack chooses to use. Like the popular cartoon, the clues that help Jack find out what's happening to the real Ashley come from the kitchen. Additionally, it's one of the rare moments in the show where a character cracks a joke. On most other occasions, the series adopts a serious tone.

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