Big Brother: 10 Favorite Cast Members, According To Reddit

The return of CBS's Big Brother this summer will mark the show's 24th season. Though no premiere date has been announced yet, fans are waiting patiently for the cast reveal, a summer tradition that allows them to pick their new favorites.

Over the last 24 summers, Big Brother has given its devoted audience iconic diary room sessions, surprising backdoors, and longstanding memes and GIFs that get passed around far beyond the Big Brother fandom. As viewers binge old seasons throughout the year to fill the nine months they live without new episodes, they have taken to Reddit to discuss their favorite houseguests from past casts.

Though Britney is known for being her infamous duping by the final four alliance "The Brigade," with whom she sat at the final five, she's even more iconic for her diary room sessions. Britney had a way of turning around a moment like getting caught making fun of Rachel Reilly while wearing her extensions into a fun moment for the house.

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She talked her way into America's hearts with her quick whips, iconic impressions and blunt nature. Reddit user Iliketowalk could listen to Britney talk so much that they wrote, "I always think that Britney should narrate every BB episode or host some sort of after-show discussion." Britney's seasons did feel like she was narrating them as she voiced exactly what the viewers were thinking.

Janelle is such a favorite that she has appeared on the show four separate times (seasons 6, 7, 14 and 22) and remains the only player to ever do so. Reddit user Shiggys mentions Pierzina's popularity in saying, "Few houseguests have reached some of the heights in popularity that she reached, but nobody has been able to sustain it for as long as she has." Her achievements speak for themselves as she sits second in most competitions ever won, is the first player to ever win the esteemed "America's Favorite Houseguest" award, and even won a VH1 award for best reality star in 2006.

Danielle Reyes is iconic for not only her gameplay but for changing the way that show became formatted in the future. Though she came back to play in the all-stars season 7, nothing will beat the near perfect game she played in season 3. Fressshprince06 on Reddit defends Reyes's game: "Danielle Reyes is one of, if not the best player to never win Big Brother. ... Danielle was such an incredible social and strategic player its not funny." After a bitter jury chose not to award Reyes's strong gameplay with the $500,000 prize, future seasons juries have been sequestered after elimination as to not apply personal biases to their final votes after seeing fellow houseguests votes and diary room sessions.

Rachel Reilly was an unexpected competition beast. Even though wasn't loved by her houseguests, her game was respected. That's a main reason why she is one of Reddit user CarlyEscobar's favorite, "She's my favorite person to watch. ... She'll go from being an upset toddler when she's losing to a smug bratty teenager when she's winning."

Rachel served up iconic lines like "floaters grab a life vest" all while kicking butt and not caring what anyone else in the house thought about her personally. She was so annoying to her fellow houseguests and entertaining to America that production even brought her back into the house to terrorize house for 24 hours.

Da'Vonne has played the game three separate times, and has never come close to a win as her best season was her 10th-place finish in the all-stars season 22. But her lack of gameplay doesn't equate to why fans rank her among one of the favorites to ever play the game. Da'Vonne is known for her loud personality and devout loyalty. But Da'Vonne gained popularity where viewers got to see her most authentic self: in the diary room.

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One Reddit user said, "Day's one of my favorite houseguests of all time. She's such a passionate player and lover of the game. She makes every episode hilarious." That exact passion and hilarity is why she ranks as a fan favorite.

In a somewhat controversial win, Ian took down the best strategic player to ever set foot in the Big Brother house, Dan Gheesling. But Ian's authenticity spoke to viewers, especially when he told America and fellow houseguests about being on the autism spectrum. When he sat in the final two against Dan instead of third-place finisher Danielle, Ian pleaded his case as the best player of that season and potentially one of the best of all time.

To prove that his win was no fluke, Ian stepped into the season 22 all-stars house ready to play. JakeTakes88 on Reddit makes the point that, "Ian is one of the top players in the show's history. I am glad that we got to see him one more time."  Had it not been for the impenetrable pre-game alliance, Ian may have been able to become the first two-time winner in the show's history.

Zach was one of the most entertaining houseguests to ever play the game. His nomination ceremony, power of veto, and eviction speeches will forever live in infamy. Any chance that Zach had to talk, he would take full advantage to either do a comedy routine or blow up the games of fellow houseguests. Zach's friendship with Frankie Grande was one of the most iconic Big Brother bromances as the twosome's extreme personalities entertained America along with the rest of the house.

What Zach may always be known for is coining the term "fruit loop dingus" in his veto speech, referring to eventual winner Nicole Franzel. Reddit users love these phrases from Zach as user apollinator said, "Zack is my guilty pleasure- He wasn't great at the game, but he was entertaining to watch and fruit loop dingus is my favorite insult of all time."

Johnny Mac is known for his energetic diary room sessions and entertaining speeches, but when combined with his secretly great gameplay, he becomes an all-time favorite houseguest. Though John was nominated for eviction a historic nine times, he managed to escape all the way through to place fourth in his season. John picked up on small things throughout the season that other houseguests did not, like the twin twist, and just how deceptively strategic Vanessa was. When he came to these realizations and would voice them in diary room sessions, he gave viewers exactly they wanted.

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There was never a dull moment in the DR with Johnny Mac as Reddit user jennymiller317 points out, "I loved when he would vote and say 'what do you want,' to Julie. It always made me chuckle." Fans loved this blunt honesty from Johnny Mac, and even though they only got to see him play the game one time, his blatant honesty will always be remembered.

Dan is known as the best strategic player in the history of Big Brother. He not only won his original season (season 10) but he also came in a close second in his other season (season 14). Dan played a near perfect game in his original season, becoming the first houseguest to win by an unanimous vote. But in his second run, that is where he really won his way into becoming one of America's favorite houseguests.

Reddit user Sniperchar points to his second season when saying, "Dan is my favorite player of all time and I personally think that his game in [season] 14 was the greatest strategic game in the history of the game." The forever iconic "Dan's Funeral" is a strategic moment that has been pointed to in every season since then with players attempting to create their own notorious strategies.

Before there was Da'Vonne, Britney, or Johnny Mac, James Rhine was the king of diary room sessions. James had the perfect combination of what it takes to make a favorite Big Brother houseguest. He was strategic, crushed competitions, and was incredibly entertaining in the diary room. As Reddit user FarPersimmon points out, "James not worrying about America liking him and being petty just makes his DR's that much better."

Fans point to his blatant humor in the diary room as reasons that he is ultimately a favorite houseguest, but James is also consistent in the game, placing seventh in both of his seasons. Though the game has changed immensely since James last played, his diary room sessions helped to shape the future of game and its entertainment aspect.

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