Below Deck: The Worst Tippers Throughout The Franchise

There have been some unfavorable charter guests throughout the Below Deck franchise. Several have been called out by cast members and viewers alike for being horrible tippers. The success of Bravo's Below Deck series, which debuted in 2013, has resulted in the equally-successful spin-offs Below Deck MediterraneanBelow Deck Sailing Yacht, and Below Deck Down Under.

It takes a lot to work on a yacht, and the average tip on Below Deck reflects that at $20,000. The charter guests throughout the Bravo franchise have money to spend, which is reflected in the guests' lavish requests like specific food and alcohol. The tip is split between the entire crew, and with anywhere from eight to ten cast members each season, the average tip becomes increasingly smaller with each division.

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While some charter guests' tips have been praised by fans, especially the ones who tip between $20,000 and $25,000, others have been branded as rude, cheap, and demanding. Sadly, this happens more times than it should. Here are some guests who tipped the worst across the Below Deck franchise.

Charles Sanders and Erica Rose, who once starred on the VH1 show You're Cut Off!, are not just regarded as one of the worst Below Deck tippers but the worst charter guests in general. Although Captain Glenn Shephard and the crew bent over backward for Charles and Erica, the couple constantly complained, with Charles even comparing Chef Marcos Spaziani's food to Mcdonald's. As if the constant insults weren't enough, the crew (and viewers) couldn't believe their eyes and ears when Charles and Erica only left a $6,500 tip. The duo has defended their actions on BDSY several times since the episode aired. Understandably, viewers shouldn't expect to see them back.

While Timothy Sykes later gave the highest tip in Below Deck history at $30,000, his infamous first stint as a charter guest had Captain Lee Rosbach and Chef Ben Robinson seeing red. Timothy, a stock trader who boarded Ohana with his girlfriend, was high-maintenance to the extreme. Although Timothy talking down to former Chief Stew Kate Chastain and complaining about the WiFi annoyed the crew, Timothy's worst moment occurred when he went to hand Captain Lee the yacht crew's $22,000 tip before taking $5,000 back because his girlfriend didn't like Chef Ben's food. Viewers were beside themselves at Timothy's passive aggressive attitude and stiff tip, and although he made another appearance on Below Deck season 5, he wasn't welcomed with open arms.

Jane Zhao, who boarded The Wellington with friend Justin Thornton, came under particular fire from Below Deck Mediterranean fans because she gave a low tip based on circumstances out of Captain Sandy Yawn and the crew's control. While Jane and her company were looking forward to the open seas, the yacht was grounded because of bad weather. Although Captain Sandy apologized and the crew did their best to make the guests' experience amazing, Jane's tip only came out to 24%, or about $17,000. Jane later defended her low tip on Reddit during an AMA, where she again expressed displeasure at being grounded. Considering that the weather is uncontrollable, fans were not impressed with Jane's explanation.

The Below Deck franchise is continuing to grow as its popularity spreads. Below Deck Mediterranean has already confirmed that season 7 will be set in Malta, while Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently airing season 3. Hopefully, the yacht's charter guests will keep tipping the crew what their hard work and dedication deserve.

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