ACNH's Tom Nook Gets Shot With Nerf Gun In Hilarious Viral Video

Animal Crossing's Tom Nook meets a terrible Nerf Gun fate in a hilarious viral video. Fan opinions on Tom Nook have always been divided throughout the series, with some harboring resentment over the massive amount of Bells they must give Tom Nook in Animal Crossing games to upgrade their home. With such strong fan opinions, it's not surprising a video of Nook being hit with a Nerf Gun has become so popular.

While his role has changed slightly in each Animal Crossing entry, Tom Nook has been a constant in every game since the series began. He tends to hand in running the town's general store alongside his adopted sons Timmy and Tommy, as well as managing players' home loans. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tom Nook's Getaway Package is what first brings players to their new island. He is also instrumental in convincing both the Able sisters and Animal Crossing museum director Blathers to set up on the island.

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Despite his importance in Animal Crossing towns, Twitter user Versiris has shared a hilarious and oddly cinematic video this week of a Tom Nook figurine being shot with a Nerf Gun. For added comedic effect the video has been shot in slow motion and shows Tom Nook reeling backward in a series of intricate flips after being hit. Other users have responded with hilarious edits set to different music. User Bonemethius tweeted a very funny rendition using the song "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap - the highly-memed song often called "Mmm Whatcha Say" - and changed the video's color to black and white. Another amazing edit by ImThrill3d has Nook's flight accompanied by a dramatic song from the opera Pagliacci.

A wide range of Animal Crossing fan speculation against Tom Nook has taken place in recent years. Some have wondered if he is actually a super villain, while others question his motives for amassing so much money from innocent Villagers. There have even been curious theories that Tom Nook lives a double life, potentially hiding inside Zipper T. Bunny's mascot suit. Despite the wide range of theories and ideas, it isn't often players openly retaliate against Tom Nook, and his questionable reputation makes the video even more humorous.

Although the creativity of the Animal Crossing community typically shines through in custom patterns and island designs, it also tends to be brilliantly applied to online jokes and memes. The absurd and adorable concept of Animal Crossing almost requires some sense of humor about the title. Although most of the anger towards Animal Crossing's Tom Nook is misplaced - as he canonically donates most of his profits to an orphanage - seeing Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans make hilarious edits will forever remain entertaining.

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Source: Bonemethius/Twitter, ImThrill3d/TwitterVersiris/Twitter

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