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As a piece of great news for TV geeks, Family Guy has been renewed by Fox for another season and is still a great source of comedy after almost 25 years. Meanwhile, the iconic show successfully adopted many musical references and cameos in a wide range of genres, from popular songs to indie-darling artists. Of course, iconic rockstars and rock and roll bands weren't exceptions either.

Whether it's a cheesy parody of The Beatles or a more niche nod to the alternative rock culture including The Doors members, Family Guy hasn't ceased to be a musically-heavy comedy since its debut in 1999. While not every reference or joke has been a hit, many fans will want to reminisce about some of the very best and the most hilarious references in the show before gorging on new episodes.

When Peter and his gang hang out in a record shop, they discuss the iconic rock stars and bands that supposedly shared a similar fate. As Peter picks up a record from The Doors, the show dives deep into the iconic band's history in the 60s.

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Although the sequence highly caricatures Jim Morrison's and Ray Manzarek's intellectual and musical genius and mocks the 60s clichés, it surprisingly does a fine job of celebrating The Doors' uniqueness while putting a smile on rock music fans' faces. The fast-paced storyline brilliantly covers the band's milestones with historically accurate details like Morrison's dramatic relationship with Pamela Courson and the infamous 1969 Miami concert.

The first episode of the sixteenth season opens with Pearl Jam's frontman Eddie Vedder and the popular TV show Better Call Saul, making a double reference: "Vedder Call Saul".

When Vedder talks to Saul on the phone, as die-hard rock music lovers may instantly notice, the rhyming references the track "Even Flow" by Pearl Jam. With an on-point representation of Vedder's iconic vocal style and the absurdity of the fictional TV show, the scene makes one of the most brilliant musical moments in the show.

As The Beatles are still one of the most referenced bands in pop culture, the band members and their songs have shown up in Family Guy multiple times. In this episode, Lois gets addicted to painkillers that were prescribed for Brian, and when he takes the last pill, Lois storms out to a high school to hopefully find new ones.

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When Lois says "I'm Lucy, where is the sky with diamonds?" she double references the legendary band and their classic track, which was "the song" of The Beatles' era: "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and the 60s kaleidoscopic atmosphere, fueled with hallucinogens and psychedelic music. It is also hilarious to watch Lois' disappointment since the kids don't have pills and are working on social matters completely sober.

In this episode, Lois suffers from a serious allergic reaction. As Chris mentions that Brian could be the cause of her allergies, she insists that Brian and Stewie would be good together as roommates. When Brian's rehearsed boho mess gets on Stewie's nerves, they start to argue.

Family Guy's iconic wordplay-based humor intervenes when Stewie says, "Thanks to you, we've got a recurring flea problem," and "Flea" (Michael Peter Balzary) from Red Hot Chili Peppers makes an appearance. The scene becomes iconic when Stewie continues, "Put on a shirt, you're 50!", mocking the "forever young" rockstar stereotype. Flea's own voice and bass tunes add a perfect touch to the scene as well.

The title "Rock Hard" continues to pay off with another musical legend, Sir Elton John, in the same episode. When Stewie picks up the "Elton John Greatest Hits" record, viewers take a trip to Elton's life in the 70s.

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With highly personal matters like his relationship with his father, his queer identity, and his former drug use, this relatively late yet extended Elton John appearance hilariously celebrates a legend who doesn't cease to inspire today's pop culture. The reference peaks with the iconic Dodger Stadium concert in 1975. Stewie's dramatic character also perfectly complements the musical storyline from beginning to end.

Among many iconic rockstars and bands, Family Guy didn't skip the chance to tease one of the biggest names of folk and country music: Bob Dylan. In this melodically-rich episode, Peter and Quagmire accidentally discover a shared talent, singing in perfect harmony, and immediately become a powerful musical duo.

During a gig rehearsal, Quagmire steals the moment when he sees Bob Dylan, and Peter says, "Oh my God, I gotta go talk to him. He is the greatest living overrated singer." Peter's cold comment is sure to trigger some chuckles, even for loyal Bob Dylan fans themselves. Peter and Quagmire's silly yet impressive musical moments and the references combined, this episode remains memorable for music enthusiasts, especially die-hard folk & country listeners. The rockstars-on-tour clichés also add a nice touch to the episode.

In this episode of  Family Guy, another iconic rockstar features loudly and proudly: Angus Young from AC/DC. When Lois brings out the problems in Stewie's kindergarten and suggests they should switch schools, Peter gets distracted (as usual) and asks if she's talking about the school where "they make them dress in little shorts and hats like the guy in AC/DC".

As Brian questions Angus' sartorial choices, Peter loudly and proudly defends the iconic guitarist, doing the rock sign and saying, "'Cause he rocks." The sequence gets completed comedically when the audience sees Angus on stage, saying, "When I picked this, I didn't know I've got to wear it when I'm 60." This reference marks yet another moment of respect for an unforgettable musician.

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