10 Things Only Marvel Comics Fans Know About Wonder Man

Most core Marvel Comics Avengers appear in the MCU in some form, with one major exception. Wonder Man, a powerful hero with deep connections to key characters and storylines, remains on the sidelines. A new report suggests that's about to change, with a Wonder Man series coming from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton.

Comic book fans know Wonder Man plays a critical role in early Avengers lore, forming the third point in a complicated triangle between The Vision and the Scarlet Witch. He also joined the West Coast Avengers, which he may do in live-action as several of those characters have now emerged in the MCU.

Wonder Man first appears in Avengers #9 in 1964, co-created by a legendary comics team including Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Don Heck. Wonder Man initially fights the Avengers as a villain, working with Baron Zemo in a complicated gambit to masquerade as a hero to gain membership on the team.

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Wonder Man turns on the team almost immediately, leaving them vulnerable to the Masters of Evil. His connections to Zemo and the Masters could hint at how he emerges in the MCU. The Masters of Evil eventually masquerade as the Thunderbolts in the comics, and a Thunderbolts movie is on the way.

Wonder man ranks among the most powerful Avengers in Marvel Comics and will be in the MCU when he appears, thanks to his ion energy powers. Wonder Man gained superhuman strength, stamina, and speed due to experiments with ion energy by Baron Zemo. Comic book fans know Baron Zemo possesses enormous resources and intellect to indulge in such endeavors.

Later comic books allowed Wonder Man to shift back and forth from solid matter to pure ionic energy, giving him god-like strength and effective immortality.

Wonder Man appears to die in his first encounter with the Avengers, sacrificing his life to save the team from the Masters of Evil. This leads his brother, Eric Williams, to seek revenge against the Avengers. He became the Grim Reaper, quickly ranking among the Avengers' main comic book villains, fighting them several times in quick succession.

The Grim Reaper obtains his trademark scythe from The Tinkerer, a Spider-Man villain, and also gains other superpowers from Ultron in later comic book storylines.

Wonder Man dies in Avengers #9, but Hank Pym uses his scientific genius to record and preserve his brain patterns. These patterns remained locked away until Pym figured out a solution, but Wonder Man actually never died. He was only in a coma.

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His body hibernated in a comatose state for years, even as his brother attempted to revive him in various ways. He returned only after the Living Laser exposed Wonder Man to powerful radiation that finally began to undo Baron Zemo's ionic manipulation of his body.

Though Wonder Man found new life in The Vision, he remained technically dead at this point. The Grim Reaper kidnapped his body from Avengers Mansion and took him to Black Talon, a voodoo practitioner The Grim Reaper hoped could reanimate his brother.

Black Talon brought Wonder Man back to life, though it was more like a zombie. The Scarlet Witch defeated Black Talon when he fought the Avengers, gaining Wonder Man's body back and leading to his eventual true resurrection.

Comic book fans know Wonder Man came back to haunt the Avengers when Ultron used Simon William's brain patterns to create The Vision. The Vision attacks the Avengers at first, before realizing his origin and discovering his inherent humanity.

The Vision discovers his connection to Wonder Man in Avengers #58, the capstone to the first Ultron saga and among the best Avengers comic book storylines ever. Wonder Man's connection to The Vision likely plays out in some way in the MCU.

The Vision and Wonder Man differ in many respects, but in effect are the same person thanks to sharing memories and brain patterns. This leads to conflict between the two, and an identity crisis for both that plays out for years in the comics.

The Vision both seeks to become more like Wonder Man and less, while Wonder Man questions his place among the Avengers and in his own life. The two eventually reconcile and think of each other as brothers.

When The Vision loses all his memories after being dismantled by the government, The Scarlet Witch asks Wonder Man to lend his brain patterns again to reconstruct her husband. Wonder Man refuses since he has feelings for Wanda himself.

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Wanda and Simon eventually became romantic in the early 2000s, forming a love triangle the MCU is sure to echo in some fashion since The Vision exists without his memories and may gain a new personality from Wonder Man.

Wonder Man shares a rocky relationship with The Vision and the Scarlet Witch, but he becomes best friends with the Beast. The two form a powerful bond when the former X-Man joins the Avengers in the best Avengers comics from the 1970s.

Their friendship builds out of their mutual respect for each other but also their respective self-doubt. Both men question their roles in the Avengers but find confidence and humor in each other which leads to their being a classic pair in the modern-day.

Wonder Man seeks his own path outside the Avengers and that leads him to become an actor. Simon Williams eventually finds great success as an actor, moving to Hollywood where he helps found the West Coast Avengers, as he might in the MCU.

Wonder Man goes on The David Letterman Show in Avengers #239 along with his fellow Avengers, and his celebrity ultimately goes to his head. His bravado and ego irritate his teammates to no end, as is likely going to be the case in live-action.

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