10 Great Movies With Terrible First Acts, According To Reddit

In the latest Netflix sci-fi thriller, Spiderhead, the foundation of the plot is quickly laid out in the opening minutes, with audiences learning that a scientist is experimenting with futuristic drugs on inmates. It's a concept good enough to hook in viewers but sadly, the movie fails to live up to expectations. Consequently, it has only managed a 5.5 IMDb score.

Spiderhead can arguably be considered one of the worst movies with a great openings. However, there have been movies that were structured in the opposite manner. The first acts were quite unimpressive but the rest of the proceedings were mind-blowing. So which movies do Redditors think fall under this category?

AncientAlienAlias describes it as "a bad Lifetime movie for 45 minutes then it turns into an insane war movie, " adding that when they recommended it to family, they were "ready to laugh me out of the room until the second half started." In it, an elite Navy SEAL squad heads on a mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent.

Well, the Lifetime comparison by the Redditor isn't far off since the network is known for focussing on guilty pleasure offerings rather than award-worthy tales. Act Of Valor's first act sure does feel dull because nothing the characters say is memorable and neither are there enough background stories to make fans invest in the soldiers or the villains. But when the rescue mission gets underway, audiences quickly regret why they toyed with the idea of pressing stop.

A girl is devastated when her father is taken by the evil Galactic Empire to help them build a deadly weapon. She later seeks revenge and Solafuge thinks the movie "starts off a little flat" but "once it does get going it's thoroughly enjoyable."

The Star Wars franchise isn't popular because of its dialogue and dramatic moments. It's popular because of its action sequences, chase scenes, alien species, as well as complex ships, gadgets, and weapons. And the action only kicks off properly when some of the protagonists head over to one of the best Star Wars planets, Scarif, to retrieve schematics. Before that, the focus is on slow build-up that could have been trimmed.

An ex-CIA officer hunts down a group of human traffickers after they kidnap his daughter.  CrusaderOfTruth says "the acting is atrocious until Liam Neeson takes that phone call."

Few movies have inspired more memes than the Liam Neeson action thriller but by watching the first few minutes, it's impossible to predict just how interesting the events will turn out. Given how much Neeson's character argues with his estranged daughter, audiences could be forgiven for thinking it's going to be a slow family drama. But as soon as the protagonist delivers a warning, and overall one of the best action movie lines, the wild ride begins.

An attorney sets out to defend a Black man who was accused of sexually assaulting a White woman. Idk_Very_Much describes the drama as "pretty much a failure as a coming-of/age story about Scout (especially compared to the book), but as a courtroom drama about Atticus, it’s damn near flawless."

To Kill A Mockingbird spends most of its early minutes focussing on the attorney's daughter and her journey as she grows up. This feels like a waste because she isn't at the center of the main plot. As the Redditor explains, the racial tension and the legal proceedings are the best parts of the Robert Mulligan project. The events are extremely emotional because the defendant not only doesn't win but also gets killed later on.

A sadistic Hollywood stuntman makes a habit of using his modified and crash-proof stunt car to crash into other vehicles, killing the occupants. TopCat0601 doesn't mince their words, describing the start of the Tarantino movie as "pretty boring."

Death Proof is a great tribute to exploitation cinema but it's easy to see why it isn't talked about as one of Quentin Tarantino's best movies. For a major part of the first hour, the main characters spend their time engaging in friendly gossip. And what's unfortunate is that they discuss issues not related to the plot. The tone eventually changes when the car-loving serial killer starts hunting them.

A director and movie crew get attacked by actual zombies while shooting a low-budget-zombie flick at an abandoned World War II station. PantKeep notes that the Japanese movie "starts off as a single-take zombie film, kind of a tired concept and not bringing anything new to the table."

At first, One Cut Of The Dead seems like it'll only be a movie about the struggles of independent filmmaking. Budget issues force the crew to film in a dangerous location but the introductory events are easy to ignore because they aren't something the average viewer would relate to. Luckily, zombie mayhem soon follows.

A couple of residents are stranded in a supermarket when a mist engulfs the]town and strange creatures start attacking. Redditor johnny_jube labels it "a movie that started weakly and slowly built into something that was memorable, ending on a great note."

Events in the early minutes aren't good enough to keep audiences invested because they feel too familiar. Neighbors that don't get along? A perfect family? But once a man and his son go to a supermarket where they get trapped, the Stephen King adaptation veers off into full-blown horror. Despite the slow start, The Mist ends up having one of the most iconic and saddest movie endings.

A man faces numerous challenges when he is hired by a mysterious spy agency that tasks him with going after an eco-terrorist. WriterDave comments, "until you understand the tone, it starts as this strange, affected, semi-humorous/semi-violent kids movie."

The Redditor is right about the spy flick being hard to digest at first. Most of the early action sequences seem outrageous but once the agency's goals become clear, everything starts to make much more sense. Moreover, the action sequences become way better too, most notably the one that takes place inside a church.

A young girl is sent to a camp by her aunt one summer. There, people start dying in strange ways. Redditor salamiis says the movie "starts off as a s***y slasher but the end makes up for it big time."

At first, the Robert Hiltzik project appears too similar to many other slasher movies where people go to have a good time but end up getting slaughtered. Luckily. that isn't what it's all about as there are plenty of incredible twists, some of which even touch on LGBTQ+ themes and the danger of poor parenting.

A weatherman goes to a different town for an assignment and soon learns that he is reliving the same day again and again. Redditor rx033 thinks "the first 15 minutes of Groundhog Day feels like a mediocre 90s family comedy movie, and then it starts to dramatically morph and experiment."

Apart from the loop, the protagonist's transformation is what improves the movie. He is initially depicted as a lazy and selfish weatherman but soon morphs into a selfless individual. There are plenty of other morality tales, most of which were never hinted at during the opening minutes. Most importantly, there are numerous comical moments.

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