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The MCU has brought many of Marvel's most powerful heroes to the big screen and with Thor: Love and Thunder (July 8) set to introduce fans to Gorr the God Butcher and the Gods of Olympus, it's all but certain for fans to see huge amounts of power on display from Thor, Valkyrie, and Jane Foster, who's set to wield the mighty hammer Mjolnir in the film.

From taking on cosmic beings and aliens to wielding the power to create or destroy the universe, MCU heroes have shown off their power in many ways over the years, but which of these feats are undeniably the biggest displays of power?

In one of the many cheer-inducing moments from Avengers (2012) Hulk arrives at the Battle of New York and immediately showed why he is one of the strongest members of the Avengers by stopping a Leviathan in its tracks with just one punch.

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Fans hadn't seen anything like this yet from the Hulk in the MCU and considering that Leviathans were huge beasts that most characters couldn't dream of taking down, stopping the monstrous creature with only one blow was a pretty impressive feat.

The Avenger's battle with Ultron in Sokovia provided one of the MCU's most exciting final battles, and the conclusion of the fight also saw Thor and Iron Man use all of their power to destroy the falling capital city of Sokovia.

With the full power of both of these Avengers on display, they showed that they are capable of destruction on a massive scale. Although the Avengers would face heavy repercussions for how this battle was handled, it's no doubt that this feat was all the more impressive nonetheless.

It's safe to say that the heavily anticipated fight between the Hulk and Iron Man's Hulk Buster armor in Avengers: Age of Ultron lived up to the hype - even if some fans didn't agree with the outcome of Tony Stark coming out on top.

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Despite the iffy outcome of the fight, fighting the Hulk, blow for blow, was an amazing display of power, and the fact a regular human has enough resources and ingenuity to go up against a powerful behemoth, such as Hulk, makes this feat that much more impressive.

Loki introduced fans to many different variants of the God of Mischief, including an older version of the character (referred to as Classic Loki). In one of the most jaw-dropping moments of the show, Classic Loki created an illusion of Asgard in its entirety in order to distract the Alioth.

While fans have seen Loki create many illusions before, this was on a whole new level of power than anything seen from any version of Loki in the MCU. In showing the full scale of Loki's powers as an illusion caster, Classic Loki's creation of a fake Asgard, illustrating that power can be shown in a multitude of ways.

Despite being full to the brim with humor, Guardians of the Galaxy packed many emotional moments and featured some of the biggest displays of power seen in the MCU. In a moment that features both emotion and power, the Guardians use their combined strength to destroy Ronan, using the Power Stone.

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As it is made known throughout the film that only the strongest beings in the universe have the power to wield the stones, the fact that the team of misfits from throughout the galaxy could harness this power showed how formidable the Guardians of the Galaxy are.

Captain America isn't a character typically associated with cosmic-level strength, but holding back Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War caused fans and the Mad Titan himself to be impressed at the sheer bravery and willpower of Steve Rogers.

Although he's just a mortal man, Cap held off a punch from an Infinity Gauntlet that wielded the power of five Infinity Stones. Captain America showed that he'd never back down from an opponent and that his will can allow him to go up against the strongest villains in the MCU.

Captain Marvel was already introduced as a powerful character even with her power dampener, but after unlocking her full potential and laying waste to almost all of Ronan's fleet, she made it known that she is one of the strongest heroes in the MCU.

In a skirmish that saw Captain Marvel blast, punch, or just simply fly through enemy ships, Carol Danvers showed that she was a one-woman army who could take on any villain, fleet, or anything else that proves to be a threat to the universe.

The God of Thunder has proved time and time again that there is almost nothing Thor can't do. In a moment of pure resilience and a display of his godly power, Thor had to endure the full force of a neutron star in order to heat up the ore to form Stormbreaker.

As the audience can see, parts of Thor become vaporized so it's almost unbelievable that he was able to withstand the searing heat and energy from the star as long as he did. The fact that he was able to endure something that would instantly vaporize most MCU characters makes for one of the most powerful displays of power in the MCU.

While it was already known amongst most fans that Scarlet Witch is of the Avenger's heavy hitters, she showed the full extent of her power in Avengers: Infinity War when she destroyed the Mind Stone while also holding off Thanos (who wielded five Infinity Stones).

The stones were presented to fans as being nigh-indestructible and Thanos was able to easily defeat all of the Avengers with them. However, neither of these seemed to be escapable from the extreme power of Scarlet Witch.

Hulk snaps the Infinity Stones in Avengers Endgame

It's absolutely unimaginable to think that Thanos could use all six Infinity Stones to simply snap away half of all life in the universe. However, the Hulk reversing Thanos' actions with his snap in Avengers: Endgame is arguably a more impressive feat.

Surviving his snap with relatively minor injuries to his arm, Hulk was able to use all six stones to create life on a universal scale, something thought only to be possible by Celestials.  In what is now known in the MCU as "The Blip", the Hulk's snap was without a doubt the largest display of power seen from a hero in the MCU.

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