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Musical movie scores, like those from the famous 90-year-old veteran John Williams, who was honored for his achievements on June 23, have the ability to imagine the unimaginable. Orchestral scores are a key component of any film. A good film score has the power to influence people's emotions, making them laugh, cry, or nearly fall out of their seats with nerves and anticipation.

Some people were afraid to go into the water after watching Jaws, so they stayed on the beach and hummed the theme instead. Others believed they could be wizards when Harry Potter's musical score transported them to Hogwarts.

Superman is perhaps the most well known comic book superhero of all time. Zack Snyder decided to revamp the character with Man of Steel and while some fans disagreed with the much darker tone, many still loved Hans Zimmer's score.

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The score actually surprised Redditor trylobyte. They state, "I love the dichotomy between the spacey-dramatic alien sci-fi sound and the country folk marching drums, soft piano, pedal steel guitar sound. It was perfect for Clark Kent/Superman - a man of two worlds." The score emphasizes the choice Clark must make: lay low like his adoptive father Jonathan Kent suggested, or help Earth accomplish wonders as his real father Jor-El urged.

Hans Zimmer's score is just as grand in scope as Interstellar itself, which perfectly suits a movie about man's expansion of the universe. As fryingpan16 notes, "Zimmer and Nolan chose church organs as the main instrument as they wanted it to sound different from other sci-fi movies that predominantly use synths and such."

This is certainly evident in the tracks "Cornfield Chase" and "No Time For Caution." The scenes themselves are great, but the organs used in the score really heighten the urgency and drama, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman scored Michael Mann's frontier film, which stared Daniel Day-Lewis. Although not nominated for Best Score, the film did win the Academy Award for Best Sound.

However, Redditor ml9mm remarks that "The Last of the Mohicans" is the best film score. It captures the harshness and beauty of the American frontier and there are even American Indian influences within the score. The juice that "Promentory" pumps into the final cliffside chase scene leaves the audience rooting for the heroes with every step they take.

Ridley Scott's Roman epic about revenge won five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor. Hans Zimmer was nominated for his breathtaking film score.

Redditor Snaveekim lists Gladiator among their favorite film scores and AnxiousQuilter agrees, saying that one particular track stood out above the rest - "Now We Are Free is just breathtaking." This piece plays over the final moments of the film where Maximus has defeated Commodus, freed his fellow gladiators, and is reunited with his family in Elysium. Other notable tracks include "The Battle," "Earth," and "Barbarian Horde," which perfectly adds to the emotion of the Maximus and Commodus first reveal scene.

John Williams has been captivating audiences with his music for over 60 years, whether it be aliens, wizards, or in this case dinosaurs. With Jurassic ParkWilliams is able to capture the wonder, excitement, and fear that was 65 million years in the making.

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Everyone knows the score that plays while on the helicopter on the way to Isla Nublar, but Redditors Dritbrukernavn and cbfw86 both agree that there is another that deserves more recognition. "The main theme with the bugle at the start is phenomenal. Really captures the magic and wonderment of pure imagination." This was exactly what Steven Spielberg set out to achieve - what the feeling would be like if dinosaurs walked among humans. Some of the dinosaurs even have their own themes, including the deadly Velociraptor.

Similar to what Zack Snyder did with Superman, Christopher Nolan did with Batman. Nolan grounded Batman and gave his films a much more darker, realistic tone, a far cry from the silliness of it's predecessors.

Redditor funnypilgo definitely feels that The Dark Knight Trilogy should absolutely be included among the best film scores. Zimmer's score beautifully matches the main theme of each film. For instance, Batman's two note theme in Batman Begins symbolizes hope against fear. The audience feels uneasy whenever the Joker's theme of anarchy is heard in The Dark KnightThe use of vocals for Bane inspiring "hope" in The Dark Knight Rises is brilliant.

Steve Jablonsky could be the next Hans Zimmer, and the evidence lies with TransformersJablonsky uses similar sounds and tones to emphasize the danger and amazement between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Turok1134 feels that the score is underrated, stating that "they'll probably never get the recognition they deserve just because of the rep the movies have." From the opening image of the All-Spark adrift in space until the final shot of Optimus looking out onto the horizon, Jablonksy's score captures that feeling of amazement. One of the best scenes in the film is when the Autobots come to Earth (specifically Ironhide stepping out of the pool) and the track "Arrival to Earth" makes it that much better.

Although Klaus Badelt composed the music for The Curse of the Black Pearl, it was Hans Zimmer that composed the majority of the movies in the franchise, including the third installment in At World's End.

"It's unrelentingly epic, and I think Will and Elizabeth's theme is an all time great. The maelstrom battle is a masterpiece, with all the themes and motifs from the last three films coming together to coalesce and climax," claims Lord_Boborch. This Redditor isn't wrong. As they point out, the score really comes alive in the third act of the film, making the audience tearfully sympathize with every character, even the villain Davy Jones.

Howard Shore was hired to score Peter Jackson's fantasy epic and he did not disappoint.  Shore's score heightens the emotion, from the small quiet moments in the Shire to the grandness of battle at Minas Tirith.

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SalaciousCrumb17 points out that the score for The Lord of the Rings "is an essential part of the emotional beats and world building." Shore uses various instruments and vocals in order to enhance the world-building of Middle-Earth. For example, he uses woodwind instruments for the Shire, violins for the rustic feel of Rohan, and combines everything (including vocals) for the grandness of Gondor.

The musical compositions of John Williams are so iconic, maybe even more timeless than their respective films. This is the case with Star Wars, but more specifically The Empire Strikes Back.

Redditor stubept feels that it's The Empire Strikes Back and not A New Hope that is the more superior film score. They argue "Besides dropping the iconic 'Imperial March' for the first time, the Yoda theme, the Asteroid field, and the Cloud City theme are just lit". They continue, saying "The music for the AT-AT attack is so perfect, it's used in almost every Star Wars video game." In fact, many of the scores from the prequels use elements and themes from The Empire Strikes Back.

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