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With Apex Legends season 13 dropping in May, there's no better time to dive into the best playable legends in this battle royale game. Season 13, also known as Saviors, brings a new character to the battlefield named Newcastle and a new map location. With only three legends on a team, it's essential to know the best legends to select.

Apex Legends season 13's ranked mode is still limited to Storm Point, which is 15% bigger than World's Edge, the previous map-size record holder. The map features a wide variety of diverse locations; from tropical island hopping to giant mountain tops and players must know the best legends to select when dropping onto the island.

Bloodhound was one of the original characters back when Apex Legends was first released on February 4, 2019, and they still remain one of the most essential characters on the battlefield. Bloodhound's Eye of the Allfather scan reveals hidden enemies on the map, which makes it perfect to track enemies.

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Storm Point is a large map that makes it easier to run from the enemy; Bloodhound's passive tracker ability allows the player to guide their team to where enemies have been and which direction they're heading. Bloodhound's ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, allows players to move faster to escape the closing ring.

With such a diverse selection of characters in Apex, it's necessary to have a character that can be both defensive and offensive. There's no better legend that has both of these abilities than Bangalore, who can both shoot smoke for cover and whose ultimate is an artillery strike that clears out a local zone.

Bangalore's passive is one of the best across all legends as she sprints faster when being shot at by enemies, which comes in handy almost every game. When a player is being rushed or pinned by an enemy squad, there's no better escape plan than dropping the heat with her artillery strike.

Pathfinder is and rightfully should be on every character list for Apex Legends as he's not only one of the most fun characters, but he's also one of the most useful for season 13. Shooting a zipline with Pathfinder's ultimate can be a game-changer for a quick escape from the ring or an enemy team.

Pathfinder is a forward scout who can scan nearby survey beacons to reveal the next location of the ring to help guide players' teammates to be in the end game. This adorable sentient robot is not only deadly fast, but it's also responsible for some of the most iconic quotes from Apex Legends.

Wraiths can enter the void, which suddenly makes the player invisible and is a perfect tactical to use for a life-saving escape. Her ultimate is a dimensional rift that manipulates spacetime and opens a rift in the fabric of reality; what that means is she can open a blue portal to teleport teammates to a new location.

Wraith's dimensional rift is perfect for moving downed teammates while in a gunfight for a safer revive, and it's extremely useful for simply traversing the map in a faster fashion. Wraith can even hear voices from the void which alerts players with an audio queue when players are nearby.

Caustic may have a disconcerting character design in Apex Legends, but he's extremely powerful due to his Nox Gas Traps and grenades. These yellow, gas-spewing tanks and grenades are deadly against enemies as they both damage and slow them at the same time.

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There are many characters that can build up fortifications across the map, and Caustic is the perfect counterpoint for disrupting cover or campers. Caustic can block doors with his Nox Gas Traps and protect teammates when trying to pick them back up during a firefight.

Grenades, also known in-game as ordinances, are an integral component of Apex Legend as they help clear our enemies or kill ones that are already downed. Fuse is a Bombastic Explosives Expert that can equip double the number of grenades and even throws grenades further than any other character in the game.

Fuse's knuckle clusters are a group of mini bombs that blow up in mid-air like firecrackers which can easily distract or disrupt enemy squads. His Motherload ultimate creates a literal ring of fire that traps his enemy and is perfect to catch squads in the open areas of the map.

Rampart is considered a fantastic legend as the cover is integral to playing Apex Legends and staying alive in the later rings. Rampart can deploy amped cover that blocks teammates from enemy fire as well as amplifies any gunfire from a player's squad.

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Rampart's new and improved ultimate, Shelia, is an enhanced minigun that she can carry around the map and will kill other legends faster than any gun found in the battlefield. With her firepower, mixed with cover for players' teammates, Rampart has become an S-tier-level character in season 13.

This legend can quickly evade enemies with her VTOL jetpack and rain fire with her missile swarm that stuns and disorients enemy squads. Valkyrie is one of the most agile and thrilling legends in the game, but she actually has one of the saddest backstories in Apex Legends.

Valkyrie is in the top three best legends as her ultimate skyward dive can take players' whole squad and fly them out of any location like a make-shift jump tower. Escaping the ring is even more of a challenge due to Storm Point's large size, but Valkyrie can save players in need of a quick escape.

Despite its high skill ceiling, Apex Legends is a fun game for beginners, and Gibraltar is the perfect legend for any newer players as he has extra protection with his shield gun that deploys when aiming down sight. While he lacks the fancier tricks that some other legends may have, this more straight-forward kid is a great way to learn the ins and outs of Apex Legends.

Just like Rampart, Gibraltar has both protection with his bubble shield, and he also has the offensive ability with his ultimate, defensive bombardment, which calls in a mortar strike. This makes Gibraltar perfect in the final rounds of battle royale as players can protect and even quickly revive teammates faster within his bubble shield.

Storm Point is a massive map with open plains and shores where it's very easy to get spotted and gunned down without any cover. The biggest addition to season 13 is the new legend Newcastle who has an ultimate that lets him jump to a fallen ally and put up a fortified stronghold. This soldier can even toss a movable shield wall that can protect the player and their team mid-battle.

The ability to put up very strong cover anywhere on Storm Point is essential to staying alive to the later rounds of the deadly ring. Newcastle also has the ability to revive teammates with a shield protecting the player and their teammate from enemy fire while also moving mid revive. Newcastle has officially become the best defensive character in Apex Legends and is the best legend for Season 13.

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