WWE Needs To Make AJ Styles & Finn Balor's Too Sweet Actually Matter

A.J. Styles and Finn Balor shared a too-sweet moment, and WWE needs to make it actually matter. Styles was having a hard enough time dealing with Edge before Damian Priest joined the Rated R Superstar at WrestleMania 38. The newly minted Judgement Day stable has continued to haunt and hunt the Phenomenal One since that match, and Styles has been outnumbered the entire time.

Edge turned heel ahead of squaring off with the Face That Runs The Place, going so far as to change his entrance, presentation and music entirely. Priest joined him at the Showcase of the Immortals, and the duo has been making life miserable for Styles since. On the May 2 edition of WWE Raw, Edge told Styles that he'd be "rushing headlong into pain and judgment at WrestleMania Backlash" for their rematch. Styles was set to square off against Priest on Raw, and if he won, the Archer of Infamy would be barred from ringside at WWE Backlash.

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Naturally, the bout began to swing in Priest's favor due to continual outside interference from Edge. Anytime Styles began to mount any consistent offense, he'd be cut off. He still managed to steal the victory via a surprise rollup, sending Edge into a furious assault on A.J. As Priest stretched out Styles' arm for Edge to smash with a chair, Balor's music hit, and he hit the ring to make the save. The two threw up the too-sweet hand gesture at the end of the WWE segment, once again teasing their affiliation with Bullet Club without calling it that outright.

WWE has done stuff like this multiple times. The Balor Club, which featured Finn running alongside longtime friends and former Bullet Club members Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson (AKA the Good Brothers), was the closest WWE ever came to actually going through with a stable along the BC lines, but a shirt and hand signal is about as far as that got before their angle stalled out. Balor joining Styles would be far and away the most intriguing and important combination of former Bullet Club members under WWE's banner. For that reason, this interaction on Raw shouldn't just be a one-off. It ought to allude to something much bigger.

It seems likely that WWE creatives will want to add to the Judgement Day stable, and that group will need another to feud with. Beefing with Styles and Balor would immediately elevate Edge and Priest as a duo, while also giving diehard wrestling fans something to cheer about as the Bullet Club emerges on the biggest stage of them all. Let's not forget that Cody Rhodes just returned to WWE, and he too has ties to BC. Tack on the fact that the Good Brothers' contracts are, according to Fightful, up in a few months, and there could really be something special brewing here.

Even if WWE decides to keep Rhodes on his own, Balor and Styles should stick together for the foreseeable future. The tag-team division is in desperate need of more contenders, and this pairing would immediately become capable of challenging for the titles. If they end up in a program with The Usos, it could also end up feeding into the inevitable Rhodes vs Roman Reigns feud that could end up headlining WrestleMania 39. It's asking for a lot, but the most recent too-sweet tease can't be left at that like it was back in 2017. There's too much creativity to work with, and it'd give Styles and Balor some much-needed steam.

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