Why Tammy Slaton Can't Get Along With Anyone On 1000-Lb Sisters

Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters noticeably can't make friends on the show, and fans are wondering why. The TLC personality has a hard time keeping her temper tantrums at bay, which can scare off a lot of people. Sadly, she takes her anger out on the people closest to her, leaving broken relationships in her midst.

As viewers are well aware, the TLC hit show follows the pair of Kentucky siblings Amy and Tammy around as they live their lives while dealing with challenges related to their weight. As the show's title suggests, the series spotlights the sisters and their combined weight, which at one time exceeded 1,000 pounds. However, 1000-lb Sisters now focuses less on Amy's success, as Tammy's outbursts often take center stage. Tammy's harsh personality has done nothing good for her. In fact, it has often has left her feeling isolated. Followers of Tammy wish that she could get her emotions under control, but instead, she keeps choosing to mistreat those around her.

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Tammy's extreme anxiety about going into public has affected her behavior towards her loved ones. Whenever her sister Amy or brother Chris Combs mention a trip, Tammy seems to release all of her anger towards them. It's no wonder that Tammy found herself living alone after Amy decided to buy her own duplex. Some 1000-lb Sisters viewers believe that Tammy would be more likeable if she could somehow adjust her bad attitude. As the Southern saying. goes, she could essentially catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

It doesn't help that Amy was raised in a certain way, which means that when Tammy is verbally abusing her, she will still stay by her sister's side and help her. Sadly, many TLC followers feel that Amy will always return to help her sister because her mother instilled in her daughters that they deserve this sort of treatment. Every time that Amy reaches back out, it reinforces Tammy's negative behavior traits. While Amy may still be willing to put up with Tammy's hostile attitude, others have decided to cut their losses. Tammy has admitted that she has burned bridges with all of her siblings.

It's no secret that Tammy, Amy, Chris, and the rest of the 1000-lb Sisters siblings don't always get along. Naturally, a level of stress was added when Amy decided to help out as Tammy's caretaker. Whatever the issues, Tammy needs to figure out how to keep her anger issues under control, or risk losing any support that she has left.

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