Why Margot Robbie Regretted Wolf Of Wall Street's "Pile Of Cash" Love Scene

Margot Robbie regretted filming The Wolf Of Wall Street's pile of cash love scene because of the unexpected paper cuts involved. The Wolf Of Wolf Street reteamed Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio for a biopic about infamous New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort. The movie is a black comedy that charts Belfort's lavish, excessive rise and how it all came to a crashing end. While The Wolf Of Wall Street was criticized by some critics for apparently glamorizing the lifestyle of Belfort and his cohorts, the movie ultimately makes it very clear it's not a path anybody should go down.

The Wolf Of Wall Street also gave Margot Robbie her breakthrough role as Naomi, Belfort's mistress turned second wife, a character created for the movie. Robbie's captivating performance soon led to lead roles in movies like Focus and The Suicide Squad, where she played the DCEU's Harley Quinn; the actor has since reprised Harley twice, including 2020's Birds Of Prey. Alongside blockbuster appearances, Robbie has also earned praise for her work in smaller projects like 2017's I, Tonya.

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The Wolf Of Wall Street also required Margot Robbie to film several love scenes opposite DiCaprio. Robbie didn't shy away from shooting these sequences either, feeling they were necessary to show that Naomi used her body as currency in the world she and Belfort inhabit. According to an interview with the actor in The Daily Beast, Margot Robbie did have regrets filming The Wolf Of Wall Street scene where she and DiCaprio have a love scene on top of a pile of cash. This is because the fake money created for the scene was quite sharp, and she came away with a "...million paper cuts" from it.

According to Robbie - who has some great quotes as Naomi - the crew was shocked to see her back after filming was completed, telling her "You look like you’ve been whipped a million times" due to the many red marks on her skin. She also laments it probably would have been safer to use real money during this scene instead. Of course, it's another memorable scene in The Wolf Of Wall Street and practically acts like a visual metaphor for Belfort's lifestyle.

Outside of Margot Robbie, The Wolf Of Wall Street is littered with impressive performances. From Jonah Hill's frenzied turn as stockbroker Donnie Azoff to Matthew McConaughey as one of Belfort's mentors. The latter is also behind The Wolf Of Wall Street's now-iconic chanting scene, which is based on a real-life acting method McConaughey uses that Scorsese decided to add to the scene.

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