Vin Diesel Posts Fast 10 BTS Pic With Suicide Squad's Daniela Melchior

Vin Diesel shares a Fast 10 behind-the-scenes image with his co-star, The Suicide Squad's Daniela Melchior. The upcoming Fast & Furious movie will serve as part 1 of the franchise's swan song. Despite the excitement for the project, it's faced some production issues since filming began in April 2022. Shortly after that, original director Justin Lin exited Fast 10, citing creative differences. However, reports indicate Diesel's on-set behavior played a role as well. Louis Leterrier was brought on to direct soon after Lin's departure, and filming continues now.

Fast 10 is on track to become one of the most expensive movies ever made, with the director swap costing Universal up to $1 million a day before Leterrier was hired. The movie's star-studded cast and their salaries have also played a role in Fast 10's massive budget. In addition to returning franchise stars like Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Charlize Theron, the film also includes Jason Momoa, Brie Larson, and Rita Moreno, who Diesel just announced will play the Torettos' grandmother. Melchior, known for her standout role as Ratcatcher 2 in The Suicide Squad, joined the Fast 10 cast in March 2022. As of now, her specific role in the film is unknown.

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Still, that hasn't stopped Diesel from celebrating her casting. He took to Instagram to share an image of the two hugging, though it's not clear if it's a scene from Fast 10 or simply the two actors connecting on set. Check out Diesel's post below:

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Diesel has made an effort to post many photos and videos from the Fast 10 set since filming began. He's shared images of Larson and several other cast members, as well as a fun video with Momoa where they discussed an action sequence. Though these posts seem to be about Diesel expressing his gratitude for the Fast & Furious franchise and his co-stars, they also could be serving as damage control of sorts following the film's behind-the-scenes shakeups. Many long-time viewers of the franchise were nervous when Lin departed Fast 10, but Diesel is doing what he can to show he's still excited about the movie and audiences should be, too.

It makes sense Diesel chose to highlight Melchior as well. She was arguably one of the strongest parts of The Suicide Squad, managing to stand out in a large cast full of more well-known stars. It's easy to imagine her doing the same in Fast 10, making the most of whatever character she plays.

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