The Flash Already Explained Barry's Shocking Caitlin Choice...In Season 3

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash season 8, episode 16

Destroying Caitlin’s secret lab in The Flash was a bold choice for Barry Allen – but not one that didn’t come without proper setup. Grant Gustin’s character seemingly created a schism between himself and Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) with his shocking reaction to her Killer Frost plan. Thanks to Barry’s efforts, Caitlin’s attempts to revive her sister have faced a major setback (if they haven’t been sabotaged completely).

Finding a way to undo Frost’s tragic death is defining Caitlin’s newest arc in the Arrowverse series. She also has an ally in Chillblaine, who was convinced to help her in spite of his initial trepidations. Barry, on the other hand, took a much stronger stance in his refusal to help. Caitlin’s story took a backseat throughout The Flash season 8, episode 16, titled “The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen”, but was addressed in a big way in the final scene, which saw Barry discover the truth about her intentions. Instead of simply expressing his disapproval of her current course of action, Barry used his powers to wreck all of her work.

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Barry’s impulsive decision has been met with criticism due it to being perceived as cold and out-of-character. However, Barry’s own past makes sense of his choice not to let Caitlin try to resurrect Frost. She asked Barry what he would do if he could bring back his parents. What Caitlin seemed to overlook in this moment was that Barry in fact did try to restore his mother to life. Using time travel, Barry went back in time and incidentally created the Flashpoint timeline. The consequences of this mistake were dealt with quite heavily in The Flash season 3. It’s understandable that Barry doesn’t want Caitlin to go down the same road.

While Barry didn’t directly reference Flashpoint’s role in his decision to destroy Caitlin’s lab, her mention of his parents seemed to serve as a painful reminder of the cost that comes with trying to bring back the dead. Creating Flashpoint led to a number of unfortunate changes to the timeline that profoundly affected not only Barry, but also members of Team Flash. One example of this is Cisco’s brother, who was revealed to be dead in the altered timeline. Caitlin’s situation is admittedly very different since it doesn’t call for time travel, but bringing back Killer Frost still carries a lot of risks, such as the possibility of her coming back as a full-fledged villain without a soul.

Destroying Caitlin’s lab was a choice that Barry made for Caitlin’s own good, but it remains to be seen if it will come back to haunt him nonetheless. Although Flashpoint proves that he had good reasons for doing what he did, Grant Gustin's Barry Allen has done significant damage to one of his oldest friendships on The Flash. It’s also possible that his actions won’t have the desired effect. This could cause Caitlin to take an even more reckless path in the episodes to come. Preventing that from happening may be one of Barry’s next challenges.

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The Flash returns with new episodes on June 8 on The CW.

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