The Circle: 10 Favorite Cast Members, According To Reddit

Whether bingewatching Love Is Blind or The Ultimatum, fans know that they can rely on Netflix for some of the most entertaining reality shows, and The Circle has been impressive as well. Watching players live in apartments and compete against one another while deciding if they should be themselves or pretend to be someone else is really fascinating.

When looking back at the past few seasons of The Circle, Reddit fans have shared their thoughts on the best players, whether these cast members decided to catfish or they were their genuine selves.

10 DeLeessa St. Agathe

DeLeesa St. Agathe made an impression on fans in season 2 of The Circle US, as she won after catfishing and pretending to be Trevor, her husband. The catfishes on this show definitely keep viewers on their toes.

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One Redditor loves DeLeesa "not only because of how great her strategy was and how much it paid off, but also her subtly promoting her clothing buisness on the show." DeLeesa shares her family life with Trevor and their kids on her social media.

9 Nick Uhlenhuth

Nick Uhlenhuth became an unforgettable cast member because of how he decided to approach the game. Redditor Opposite-Influence99 thinks that "Nick is hands down the best player in S3. Such a master negotiator."

Nick's idea for how to play is fascinating: he's super intelligent and studied computer science at M.I.T., but he decided to pretend to be a ditzy person who didn't know anything. Nick showed fans some of the best strategy in season 3 of The Circle.

8 Samantha "Sammie" Cimarelli

Sammie Cimarelli competed in season 1 of the popular reality show and chose to be herself, not a catfish. Sammie made an impression as she was a genuine person who viewers always enjoyed seeing.

Redditor chespiotta wrote that Sammie "always seemed so genuine, and was always very kind." Sammie became a parent after the show and has shared her pregnancy and parenting journey with fans on her Instagram account.

7 Courtney Revolution

Courteney Revolution competed in season 2 and decided to be a barista, writing in his bio, "I’m a coffee slinging hero. I love to laugh and I live my life loud out and proud."

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Redditor KumquatBeach said "Courtney S2 comes to mind" when it comes to a great player and Redditor inabaaadmood said "Courtney was playing it too smart for the show" and added, "what an icon."

6 Joey Sasso

Joey Sasso is one of the funniest The Circle cast members and he became a fan favorite after winning season 1 of The Circle US.

Redditor YakDongOHoolihan appreciates Joey because he's "Not exactly a strategist" but "Just a super likable" person. Fans loved getting to know Joey after learning that he is as a bartender from Long Island who loves having fun and working out.

5 Seaburn Williams

Seaburn Williams competed in season 1 of the show and decided to catfish as Rebecca. What was so interesting about this choice was the fact that Seaburn used photos of his then girlfriend Sami Denis and said that was Rebecca. Viewers love The Circle because the players are always surprising.

Redditor junu_huno loved watching Seaburn and wrote, "He was hilarious as Rebecca and just the purest." Seaburn and his partner broke up after the show was over.

4 Chloe Veitch

Chloe Veitch is a fan favorite Too Hot To Handle cast member who also played on The Circle season 2. Fans liked that Chloe wanted to show her real personality and have people know who she was.

Redditor TheSynthezoid said that "Chloe" is their favorite The Circle player and Redditor anabanane1 said, "She's such a sweetheart." Chloe was part of a Love Is Blind special where she chatted with stars from different Netflix reality shows in the pods.

3 Matthew Papps

Matthew Papps competed in season 3 of The Circle US and chose to be a catfish and pretend to be Ashley, his best friend. It's always interesting to hear someone's reasons for wanting to play the game as someone else. Matthew felt that he wouldn't be taken seriously as himself as he's a model who works in the fitness industry.

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Redditor Public-Boysenberry44 likes Matthew and wrote his idea was to "follow an Alpha to the finale and then get voted high because he wouldn't be seen as a threat."

2 Karyn Blanco

Karyn Blanco appeared on season 1 of the series and catfished as Mercedeze, using the real Mercedeze's photos. Karyn is one of the most popular The Circle stars on Instagram.

Redditor theluckstat liked watching Karyn and wrote, "I always like the catfish players though, as long as they're not so awful it's frustrating." Karyn lives in the Bronx and fans can keep up with the reality star on Instagram.

1 Shubham Goel

Shubham Goel was a cast member in season 1 and came very close to winning. Redditor vicrally said, "He was genuine, kind, funny since day one. He deserved to win."

Fans especially enjoyed watching Shubham and Joey's friendship form as the two bonded and had a lot of fun together. While season 1 was entertaining since viewers were getting used to this concept and the strategy needed to win the game, it was also nice to see a true connection between the players.

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