The 10 Best Episodes Of Gilmore Girls, According To Ranker

In April 2022, authors Elena Craig and Kristen Mulrooney released Gilmore Girls: The Official Cookbook. The straightforward book shares some of the most popular dishes, cocktails, and tips from the series. Fans flocked to buy the book so they too can cook like Sookie and Luke.

Flipping through the pages and reminiscing on foodie scenes reminded fans of some of the best episodes in the series. On Ranker, fans voted on their favorite episodes in the series seven seasons. While some episodes are a give-in, some may surprise diehard fans.

After years of being best friends, neighbors, and coffee sippers, Luke saw Lorelai in a different light in season 4. In 'Last Week Fights, This Week Tights,' Luke dared to ask Lorelai to be his date for his sister's wedding.

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Lorelai sensed things were different between the two but her questions were answered when Luke asked her on a date at the end of the night. It was here that Luke and Lorelai's relationship timeline really began. On Ranker, 195 people said this was their favorite episode.

In 'They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?', Lorelai was determined to be the last one standing at Stars Hollow's dance marathon. The only problem was that Rory was her partner and she was in a unique tryst between Dean and Jess.

Rory was so obsessed with being angry at Jess that Dean realized she had feelings for him. By the end of the night, Dean broke up with Rory and that was the end of their relationship timeline. Rory then had to deal with her feelings. Oh, and she lost her mother's chance as the dance marathon champion.

Another episode in season 3 with a high ranking on Ranker was 'Those Are Strings, Pinocchio.' This episode had Rory and Paris graduating from Chilton as their loved ones looked on. This episode was huge for Rory because she asked her grandparents to pay for her college tuition so that Lorelai was able to put her money towards starting her own inn.

While everyone was emotional from the monumental day in Rory's life, it was not a great episode for Rory and Jess fans. Jess ghosted Rory and she ended things for good when he called her at graduation. In the end, so many exciting things were on the horizon for the Gilmore girls.

With over 200 votes, 'Raincoats and Recipes' was one of the most beloved episodes of the series. There were so many things going on with the characters that fans couldn't wait to see what transpired.

Not only was it the opening night of the Dragonfly Inn, but Richard and Emily Gilmore were on the outs and Rory made a huge decision in her friendship with Dean. If that wasn't dramatic enough, Lorelai and Luke shared their first kiss after Luke thought he lost her to an ex-boyfriend. 'Raincoats and Recipes' had it all.

The start of season 4 was all about Rory's new life as a college freshman at Yale University. Mother and daughter viewers related to Lorelai and Rory as they moved Rory into her new home away from home.

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Once Lorelai left, Rory realized she didn't know how to live without her mom and couldn't fathom a life without her. While some fans saw a problem with it, Lorelai went back to Yale and spent Rory's first night with her. What's more, Rory said hello to one of her new roommates, Paris.

'Written in the Stars' was one of the fans' favorite episodes of Luke and Lorelai. At the start of the episode, Lorelai and Luke wake up in bed together, happily content in their new relationship. But when Lorelai walked down to the diner to grab a coffee in nothing but Luke's shirt, the entire town found out they were finally seeing each other.

Over at Yale, Lorelai met Logan for the first time and the two didn't get off to the best start.

With 157 votes, fans adored the Gilmore Girls pilot. It differed tremendously from the rest of the series, with Roy's voice being deeper, the humor being darker, and even some of Stars Hollow looking different.

Since the pilot came out in 2000, there have been plenty of facts that diehard fans found out about the pilot since then — including an unaired pilot. Getting to know Stars Hollow and the bond between the Gilmores was what made the pilot such a beloved episode.

In season 2, Rory and Lorelai were dreading Stars Hollow's Picnic Basket Auction. The auction consisted of the town making picnic baskets, auctioning them off, and then eating lunch with the winner of the basket.

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But when Jess outbid Dean for a chance to eat lunch with Rory, Dean snapped. At this point in their relationship, Dean was getting worse and worse when it came to controlling Rory. He hated that Rory went along with the auction and had lunch with Jess — and he wasn't the only one. Lorelai felt that Jess was a bad influence and warned Rory to stay away from him.

Gilmore Girls voted 'A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving' as one of their favorite holiday episodes. When Lorelai and Rory had four dinners to attend on Thanksgiving, they did their best to space them out and eat periodically so they could attend all four.

As joyous as the holiday was, it ended awkwardly when Lorelai found out at dinner that Rory applied to Yale. After years of planning to go to Harvard, Lorelai felt like Rory was only applying to Yale to make Richard and Emily happy.

Lorelai was happy to have Luke by her side at Emily and Richard's vow renewal in season 5. Richard and Emily weren't always the nicest to Lorelai so having Luke as her date was a way to make it through the night.

Although the day started well enough, the party ended in disaster when Christopher got in between Lorelai and Luke's relationship. Since Christopher was drunk, his outburst did enough damage to break up Lorelai and Luke. The highs and lows of the episode are what made it such a beloved one.

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