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After 42 seasons, Survivor has had its share of lackluster winners. After all, many fans audibly groaned when Erika was crowned the winner of Season 41. Though that was largely due to a disappointing edit that didn't show her game as well as it had other winners, it's caused fans to disregard her entirely.

Yet Erika is far from the worst winner in the show's history. After all, she had strong strategic skills and a firm alliance that helped propel her to Final Tribal Council. Other winners weren't so impressive, at least according to Survivor fans on Reddit.

Though Adam's Final Tribal Council performance in Millennials vs. Gen X was incredible, some fans just don't think he should have won. "Adam won 1 immunity, which is something, but his social game was pander-y, and at the merge, his own alliance wanted him out," says Reddit user SoloLantern.

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Still, despite a somewhat weak social game, Adam was a starring player who managed to put together the exact Final Tribal configuration that could get him a win. He used an especially clever strategy to ensure that the exact players he needed to lose immunity challenges lost. At times, he even sacrificed his own success to ensure the success of his alliance.

While most seasons that feature returning players involve some degree of pre-game discussion, some fans suggest that Survivor: Caramoan took it a step too far. It's part of why fans tend to disregard Cochran's win. "Half of his tribe he was friends with in real life and he pre-gamed with all of them," says Redditor TonySimp.

Besides, though Fans vs. Favorites is one of the best themes in Survivor, it isn't exactly likely for the fans tribe to succeed. So, if Cochran really did come into the game with half of the players unlikely to win and another quarter on Cochran's side, it does devalue what was otherwise an extremely dominant game.

While Boston Rob is one of the most recognizable Survivor players, there are some fans who don't respect his one winning season. "4th time playing, and winning against 1st time players, in a semi-rigged and awful season, and even loses a jury vote to everyone but his 2 goats on top of that," says Reddit user natgymnastics.

Though there's no real indication that Redemption Island was rigged, the rest of the cast wasn't exactly the greatest Survivor castaways of all time. Many were unnecessarily compliant to Rob just because he was a strong personality and a returning player. As the only player to win a Captain's season, it is a credit to Rob that he maintained the control he had.

Being Queen of Survivor doesn't mean Sandra is immune to critique. Her second win in Heroes vs. Villains is often entirely disregarded by fans. "Sandra’s HvV game was terrible," says Reddit user Ft_lucy. "She only won by not achieving the only goal she had throughout the entire game."

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It's true that Sandra's entire goal was to get the Heroes Tribe on her side to help take on Russell's Villain alliance. Yet, though that plan did fail, it helped to get the Heroes jury on Sandra's side. In a social game like Survivor, sometimes that's all it takes.

The winner of Kaôh Rōng, many fans were disappointed to see Michele take the million. "Needed immunity wins at the end. Benefited from Joe's medivac. Was never really leading the votes," says Reddit user spfan102. "She had an easier first half of the game with her tribes just always winning immunity."

While it's true that Michele wasn't ever really in charge of the game, she still managed to survive after losing her number one ally. Though it wasn't the best alliance in Survivor history, that's an impressive feat that shouldn't be disregarded.

The shocking winner of Survivor: Gabon, Bob used fake idols and a strong alliance with Sugar to keep him moving throughout the game. Though he was one of the oldest to ever win Survivor, many consider his win to be a mistake.

"Bob Crowley is one of the single worst winners just on a results-oriented basis. He had such an abysmal FTC performance which really showed just how truly bad of a social and strategic player he was," says Reddit user SnowRadish. Yet, with Sugar not interested in a victory, Bob really was the only true choice for the jury. And, in such a chaotic season, it makes sense that they would.

The winner of Survivor: All-Stars was a huge surprise to fans. After all, most fans didn't expect to see her on an All-Stars season, let alone win it! After being voted out in the Final Six in The Australian Outback, she managed to return, form a strong alliance with Boston Rob, and eventually win the game entirely.

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But some fans say that the win should have gone to her soon-to-be-husband instead. "She won because of a bitter jury," says Reddit user knarfxx. After all, Rob and Amber were in a tight alliance in which Rob took the heat for all of the major decisions, while Amber didn't have to worry, thanks to her meat shield. Still, Amber was smart enough to align with Rob in the first place, and her social game was incredible enough that it led to marriage. Not a bad alliance.

The ending of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers was controversial, to say the least. After all, according to fans, "Ben played a good game until final 6 where he survives with one idol, fair enough, 3 back to back to back and final 4 fire making is a total joke," says Redditor XX_TR15T1NHO_XX.

But fans shouldn't discount that Ben managed to survive as the sole man in a woman-dominated tribe. As the men who faced off against the Black Widow Brigade proved, that's no easy feat in this game. Besides, he did have to find the idols himself, which isn't always easy. So, while it wasn't super impressive, it wasn't the worst performance.

Survivor: Samoa is often known as Russell's season. With Russell having taken the majority of confessionals and a disproportionate amount of screentime, fans were genuinely shocked to see the jury select Natalie White as the season's winner since most saw her as nothing more than a goat.

"You cannot say that she would [have] even had a chance to get far without Russell. Most of the plans on who to go and when was all Russell he was the strategic player," says Reddit user VforVendetta90. Yet, while Russell did control strategy, Natalie's social game made her sympathetic to the jury and her alliance with Russell brought her far.

Not many Survivor winners attend as few Tribal Councils as Chris Underwood did. There's a reason for that: Not many Survivor winners are voted out of the game. When Chris Underwood was the third boot on the Edge of Extinction season, no castaways expected him to come back into the game. They certainly didn't expect him to win it.

"No one knew EOE exists so he was voted out due to his gameplay in the 8 days he played," says Reddit user mikehutsom88. It's a fact that made it very hard for other players to properly strategize. After all, they didn't know they needed to plan around Chris, since Chris wasn't even in the game anymore.

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