Superman Became A Great Dad By Raising His Archenemy’s Son

When it comes to raising a child, Superman and Lois Lane got a good bit of training from an unlikely source. Years before Jon came into the world, the Man of Steel fostered Chris Kent, a boy who was the scion of one of Clark's most brutal enemies.

In the last few years, fans have gotten to see a side of Superman that they had almost never seen in his decades-long career. With the creation of Clark and Lois' son, Jonathan, readers have had the chance to see Superman take on a more paternal role. Clark has been shown as a loving father, teaching Jon about his Kryptonian heritage and instilling the same values his Ma and Pa taught him when he was a boy. With Jonathan now fully-grown, fans can see the positive impact Superman has had on his son, showing that Clark did a pretty decent job as a dad.

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But he was able to get some good practice in by being a father figure to another powerful young man. In 2006's Action Comics #844 by Geoff Johns, Richard Donner, and Adam Kubert, a ship arrives on Earth containing a Kryptonian boy that Lois and Clark take upon themselves to raise properly. Renaming him Chris, Superman aids the child considerably, helping him deal with his newfound powers and showing him love Chris has never experienced. Sadly, it's revealed that Chris is actually Lor-Zod, the biological son of Superman's enemy, General Zod. Though the rogue commander comes back with a vengeance, Chris sacrifices the new home and family he's found in order to seal Zod in the Phantom Zone once again.

Chris does return to Earth after a brief aside in the Phantom Zone. And strangely enough, much like Jonathan Kent, Chris comes back aged up, much more confident in himself and his powers. Though his time with the Kents is considerably shorter than Jon's has been, Chris serves a similar role and, in many ways, was the prototype who showed that Superman and Lois Lane were ready to take on a serious bump in their characterizations.

Characters who have been around for as long as Superman can sometimes stagnate when they don't take on any new obstacles or changes to their status quo. It was decades before the Man of Steel ever revealed that he was, in fact, Clark Kent to his beloved Lois Lane and even longer after that the two tied the knot. Change is a prospect that some fans desire, while other fans believe it can be detrimental to certain characters. Giving Clark a foster son showed how a more fatherly role suited the hero and that after his decades-long career, it was a natural step that added to Superman's characterization. If it wasn't for Lor-Zod, then neither Superman, Lois Lane nor their fans would have realized that being parents was a perfect fit for these wholesome heroes.

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