Spider-Man's 1,000th Issue Announced With All-Star Creative Team

Marvel's number one web-slinging hero Spider-Man is about to enter a very exclusive club. Amazing Fantasythe series that brought Peter Parker into the world is releasing it's 1,000th issue and is bringing a who's who of top-notch talent to celebrate the occasion.

Since his first appearance in 1962's Amazing Fantasy #15 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man has gained a popularity only a few superheroes have ever seen. The wall-crawler has excited readers for decades, and not long after his debut his adventures spread to cartoons, followed later by video games and feature films that have become box office smashes. Peter Parker's everyman appeal and his enduring spirit have resonated with audiences who love seeing the web-head take on a bevy of colorful villains with a smile on his face no matter the odds. Despite all the "Parker Luck" he may have in-universe, Spider-Man has remained one of the most beloved and best-selling heroes of all time.

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To that end, Marvel is celebrating one of its most iconic characters with a special oversized one-shot. In honor of 60 years since Spider-Man's big debutMarvel Comics has announced the upcoming release of Amazing Fantasy #1000. To mark the big event, Marvel has drafted a number of talented creators to contribute to Peter's special issue. Returning to the Marvel Universe for the first time in years is Neil Gaiman, who will be penning a story. And for his first foray into comics, Veep and Avenue 5 creator Armando Iannucci is getting in on the fun. Dan Slott and Jim Cheung are teaming up for a love story between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, while Michael Cho and Anthony Falcone will introduce a new antagonist for the web-slinger. Other top creators will be taking part in the momentous release, such as Ho Che Anderson, Kurt Busiek, Rainbow Rowell, Olivier Coipel, Terry Dodson, and Jonathan Hickman.

Amazing Fantasy #1000 is just the latest way Marvel has been acknowledging the exciting anniversary of Spider-Man in 2022. Later this year, the publisher will release Marvel: June 1962 Omnibus, a collection of the most impactful stories from the summer of 1962, the wall-crawler's first appearance chief among them. The Amazing Spider-Man comic series has also just been relaunched to star Peter Parker once again, setting him up for another epic storyline.

Six decades is a landmark occasion that is worthy of celebration, but only a hero like Spidey would get this much spotlight for such an anniversary. His popularity has transcended media and he has fans that span entire generations. It's hard to ignore just how overwhelmingly beloved the character is, especially when Spider-Man's first appearance in a comic is worth literal millions. People love Peter Parker and giving him a one-shot that puts together an all-star cast of talent is an honor that he undoubtedly deserves. Spider-Man's upcoming one-shot is a love-letter to one of the most popular heroes of all time.

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Amazing Fantasy #1000 will be available August 2022.

Source: Marvel Comics

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