Southern Charm: How Naomie Complicated Craig & Paige's Relationship

Fans of Southern Charm are ready to welcome back Naomie Olindo but are concerned about how her return will affect Craig Conover's relationship with Summer House's Paige DeSorbo. Naomie and Craig were in love for many years but decided to end their relationship when Naomie fell out of love. Now the two are sharing the small screen once again and trying to navigate their new friendship.

Bravo viewers were delighted when Naomie revealed she would be returning for Southern Charm season 8. Naomie last appeared on the show back in season 6 but left to move to New York City with Naomie's then-boyfriend Metul Shah. Thanks to a booming clothing line and love life, Naomie's life seemed to be going perfectly. Naomie wanted to concentrate on her new relationship, so she departed Southern Charm after season 6. Sadly, her heart was broken when she found out Metul had cheated, and now she is back in Charleston to pick up where she left off.

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For Southern Charm fans, it's fair to assume that Naomie's return may have caused a bit of tension between Craig and Paige. As fans quickly learned from the season 8 trailer, Naomie and Craig hooked up once she decided to return to Charleston. While the timeline isn't quite clear, it seems as though the interaction may have occurred right before Craig became serious with Paige. Naomie can be seen telling her ex that he was acting weird around her. The Sewing Down South star quipped, "We're not just exes we hooked up recently." The preview then moves to Paige and Craig at dinner as she shared she was nervous about him hanging with his ex.

There is no doubt that the Naomie hook-up may have put a wrench in Craig's plans, who was known to have truly loved Naomie at one point. Naomie always regretted how mean she was to Craig during their breakup, with followers wondering if she will try to use Southern Charm season 8 to make up for her wrongdoings. Even though some Southern Charm fans were hoping for them to reignite their flame, Naomie and Craig have both stated they don't plan on getting back together and will remain just friends.

At least Paige is aware of the feelings between the two exes and even acknowledged the alleged Craig and Naomie hookup while on Watch What Happens Live. Luckily, it still looks like Craig and Paige are going strong in their own relationship. Paige will even be making an appearance or two in the new season, which leads Southern Charm fans to wonder if Naomie and Paige will become friends.

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